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World War Z – Brad Pitt to Star

Max Brooks announced to MTV at ComicCon that Brad Pitt will star in the movie adaptation of his book World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.  It sounds like Pitt’s company, Plan B Entertainment had a bidding … Continue reading

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LA Zombie – Gay Porn Zombie Flick Banned

LA Zombie, a gay porn zombie movie has been banned by the Melbourne International Film Festival in Australia, as they have refused to classify the movie or allow it to be screened.  It opened in Switzerland and Melbourne was to … Continue reading

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Zombie Law – Legal Process

Have you ever stopped to think about the legal ramifications involved with zombies? For example, if I become infected, I may want to be put out of my misery immediately or I may want to be left alone so that … Continue reading

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Hot Zombie – Nicole D’Angelo

I hope you’re going to ComicCon 2010 in San Diego, because Nicole D’Angelo is going to be working the booth for the ZomBcon Seattle convention. She is going to be zombified in a bikini outfit and wandering the halls of … Continue reading

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How to Speak Zombie

If you find yourself in a zombie apocalypse and you run out of options, one idea might be to try and blend in with zombie horde. How do you do that? Why, you learn to speak zombie, of course.  The … Continue reading

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Zombie Jerky – Yum!

Since zombies are eating us, perhaps if would be fair play if we took at bite out of them. Japan has had zombie jerky for some time, in the form of green, slightly slimy chunks of dried flesh. Well, those … Continue reading

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Zombies Should be Cheerful

The problem with zombies is that they’re always scaring people – especially children and the elderly. Why is that? Is it because of the blood and the gore? Probably. I think it’s high time for zombies to get a new … Continue reading

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Queen Mary I of England – A Zombie

A digital poster of Queen Mary I of England was banned in London because it showed a picture of Mary sitting nicely in a chair and then suddenly she turned into a flesh-eating zombie complete with flesh wounds and red … Continue reading

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Bozeman Zombie Walk 2010 – Montana

Who says that only big cities can have all the fun?  Bozeman, Montana is having a zombie walk this weekend on Saturday, July 17th.  If you are anywhere near Bozeman you should plan on attending, or if you’re not near … Continue reading

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Outbreak: Undead RPG – Coming Soon

I ran across this web site searching google today – Outbreak:Undead – a zombie apocalypse role-playing game that is coming out soon in the form of a 460 page book.  The theme of the game is that your survival skills … Continue reading

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