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Zombie Car Wash in Pittsburgh

There’s some great pics and commentary of a zombie car wash over on the Oh Honestly, Erin blog.  It was held in Pittsburgh, no stranger to zombies, for the benefit of a charity .  The Monroeville Mall is host to … Continue reading

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New Zombie Video from The Limousines

The Limousines have created a new video for their hit song Internet Killed the Video Star, and it’s actually very good. It’s more like a short film, and the ending is pretty cool – it contains an idea I haven’t … Continue reading

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Ten Reasons Zombies are Better than Teabaggers

I don’t like to get into politics with my posts here, but I ran across this list from Eric VanNewkirk on his blog Shoulders of Giant Midgets.  It lists ten reasons why zombies are better than teabaggers and I have … Continue reading

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The Real World – Zombieville

The New York Times has a great article about the new collaboration between The American Legacy Foundation and the cable channel MTV. The ALF, based in Washington, sponsors the anti-smoking “Truth” campaign, and has joined forces with MTV, airing commercials … Continue reading

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Best Zombie Apocalypse Phone – Motorola Motofone F3

CNN has a great article recommending the Motorola Motofone F3 as the best phone to have in your toolkit as you prepare for the zombie apocalypse. You can get an unlocked version of the phone for around twenty bucks with … Continue reading

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Minneapolis Zombies Settle for 165 Thousand Dollars

I find it odd that the city that hosted the world’s first zombie pub crawl in 2005 (which has been held annually since) would arrest some college students in 2006 who dressed as zombies and exercised their free speech rights … Continue reading

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San Jose Zombie Crawl 2010 – Zombie-O-Rama

I was lucky enough to be in San Jose, CA today for the start of the San Jose Zombie Crawl 2010. It’s a large event through downtown San Jose and is followed by a zombie fashion show and an outdoor … Continue reading

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Zombie Contact Lenses

Man, I wish I had a couple hundred bucks laying around – I would order some of these contact lenses and wear them to work. I think I would wear them under my glasses, and then, in a meeting, sigh, … Continue reading

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Zombie Pincushion – Make Your Own

OK, for all you craft types out there, Deborah Schlegel has posted a how-to on Craft:, so that you can grab your sewing machine and whip out your very own zombie pincushion.  You’ll have to scroll down in the article … Continue reading

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The Book of Zombie – Mormon Zombies

Twitch does a great job of letting us know about new movies coming out. This one is from several directors and writers and looks like it has some pretty dang good makeup and special effects.  It’s also unusual because it … Continue reading

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