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Your High School as a Zombie Apocalypse Hideout?

As several inches of rain falls in Postdam, New York today and the twenty-mile an hour wind whips the rain against the school’s windows, at least one student was contemplating the use of the high school as a refuge from … Continue reading

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The Loving Dead by Amelia Beamer – Book Review

The Loving Dead is a new kind of zombie book. Kate and Michael work at Trader Joe in the Bay Area of California and are roommates in a house with a couple of other twenty-somethings.  Kate is leaving her belly-dancing … Continue reading

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Tokyo Game Show – All about Zombies

The Tokyo Game Show had zombies instead of the scantily-clad women this year – OK, maybe there were still some scantily-clad women, but the zombies definitely stole the show.  With the release of Dead Rising 2 and Yakusa:Of the End, … Continue reading

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Dust, by Joan Frances Turner – Book Review

Dust is a debut novel from Turner, and it has been fairly well received. Turner mentioned that she spent many years preparing the novel from notes and outlines, until things coalesced into a release this year. There are several new … Continue reading

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City’s Greed Moves Harrisburg Zombie Walk

Once again, city fathers made a stupid move in trying to force the Harrisburg, PA zombie walk organizers to pay exorbitant permit and insurance fees, which resulted in the walk moving from the downtown area to a nearby mall. If … Continue reading

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Humans vs. Zombies – Banned at Kansas State University

The K-State Collegian has an article about various campus games for those students who don’t lean towards athletics and perhaps have a geeky side. One of the games mentioned was Humans vs. Zombies which sounds pretty cool. Basically, students sign … Continue reading

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Zombie Flick Game – Now Free from Full Fat

Hey there – if you have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or an iPad – go to iTunes and download the game ZombieFlick for free.  FullFat has liberated the game with a free download – they say it is for a … Continue reading

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Top 22 WTF Zombie Moments

David Schwartz posted a great list of twenty-two crazy moments in zombie films on HecklerSpray, complete with video samples.  I have to admit I never saw the 1987 movie Evil Dead 2 but rest assured I will now rent it.  … Continue reading

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Top Ten Terrifying Zombies

Xomba posted an article the other day listing the top ten most terrifying zombies ever.  I think you might be surprised by the list, as I can think of a few that were more terrifying – for example, the zombies … Continue reading

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The Undead That Saved Christmas – Book Review

Reindeer, Elves, Santa Claus, Gingerbread men – all your favorite zombie undead characters in one book. I never knew how awesome Christmas could be! I was lucky enough to receive an advance manuscript of The Undead that Saved Christmas, due … Continue reading

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