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Ohio Zombie Apocalypse – Coming Soon

I might have to make a trip to Ohio this fall to visit this attraction – the Ohio Zombie Apocalypse.  Overkill Entertainment is putting together a location and venue that promises to be a lot of fun.  I know there … Continue reading

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How the Red Cross Would Deal With the Zombie Apocalypse

How would the Red Cross react during the zombie apocalypse? Are they prepared to dispatch zombies for us or would they simply provide aid and help pick up the pieces?  Louis Truong, a member of the National Preparedness and Response … Continue reading

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Apocalypse of the Dead, by Joe McKinney – Book Review

Joe McKinney’s book Dead City received rave reviews and this sequel is also fantastic. I haven’t read Dead City yet but I want to, now that I have sampled McKinney‘s work. This book stands on its own – even if … Continue reading

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Battle of the Zombie Sexes

A couple of writers over at the Longmont Zombie Examiner have been going at it for a while battling back and forth with a sort of battle of the zombie sexes.  Today, Larry Berreth posted an article titled “5 ways … Continue reading

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Zombie Survivor Figurines

Vampifan from Vampifan’s World of the Undead has posted a review of Hasslefree Miniatures male survivor figurines. I’m not into miniatures or role-playing games, but I think a set of these would look great around the office with all the … Continue reading

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Zombies Ahead – Again

For the second time in about a week, zombies have been spotted near the roadway in Hampton, VA, so the highway department put up a sign to warn motorists. Perhaps the zombie apocalypse is nearer than we think. OK, maybe … Continue reading

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Why Denver Citizens Won’t Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Jess d’Arbonne has a quick list on The Denver Examiner of 5 reasons you won’t survive the zombie apocalypse if you live in Denver. They all make sense. My favorite reason, and one I’m guilty of,  Reason Number 3: You … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Season One DVD – Coming Soon

No need to argue about whether or not The Walking Dead was the best zombie series to date – the show garnered the highest audience viewership of any cable TV series. I know some people who are not into horror … Continue reading

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Itak as a Zombie Weapon

When the zombie apocalypse arrives in the Philippines, many households will be prepared to dispatch the horde, because of a tool called the “itak”.  It is similar to a machete, but is slightly wider at the tip making it convenient … Continue reading

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Zombies in the Bible

The website has an interesting article today regarding the mention of zombies in the bible. I have read other articles on this subject and many of them suggest that there are no references to zombies anywhere in the Bible. … Continue reading

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