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Teresa Palmer – Hopefully Starring in Warm Bodies

You might remember her as Alien Number 6 in “I am Number Four” – kicking butt and taking names.  There are several zombie romance movies coming out this year, and Summit’s Warm Bodies is one of them.  According to Hollywood … Continue reading

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World War Z Movie Saved?

The Max Brooks novel, World War Z, which is being made into a movie starring Brad Pitt has been reported to be in trouble the past week regarding the 125 million price tag. Paramount is having trouble with the commitment, … Continue reading

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Pete Marovich Creating a Zombie Photo-Journal

Pete Marovich, a photojournalist based in Washington, D.C., is interested in doing a photo story on zombie culture and events in the Washington, D.C. area.  If you or anyone you know within 100 miles of the D.C. area has information … Continue reading

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Remains Graphic Novel to be Made into Movie for Chiller

Looks like the graphic novel Remains, written by Steve Niles and Kieron Dwyer is being made into a movie which will air on the Chiller network this fall.  The story is about an exotic dancer and a blackjack dealer who … Continue reading

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Shelters for the Zombie Apocalypse

Since the zombie apocalypse is several years away, there is plenty of time to build that shelter you need – somewhere you can hide out for a year or so until the zombies and bad people die off, when it … Continue reading

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Infections Author Sean Schubert Interviewed on 49 Writers

Mariah Oxford of the Alaskan writers blog, 49 Writers, has a fantastic interview with Sean Schubert, the creator of a zombie apocalyptic series set in Alaska, with an outbreak occurring in Anchorage.  The first book in the series, Infection, has … Continue reading

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Zombie Jigsaw Puzzle

FearNet has a post showing a way cool 3D zombie puzzle that is available for sale at the website SupermarketHQ. The puzzle is hand- made from Aspen wood, a foot tall, and looks amazing. I would love to have one … Continue reading

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Humans vs. Zombies – Second Trailer Released

Dread Central has the story of filmmaker Brian T. Jaynes releasing his second trailer today for his upcoming movie Humans vs. Zombies.  In the movie, students on spring break are exposed to a neuro-toxin spread through direct human contact.  Looks … Continue reading

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Zombie Hackers at it Again

Motorists on Foothills Parkway in Boulder, Colorado spent the early morning commute today looking out for stray zombies on the roadside – thanks to someone warning us about the imminent zombie apocalypse. This has been happening all over the states … Continue reading

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Women: How to Dress for the Zombie Apocalypse

Ellie Bryant, a junior at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, has posted an article on their student newspaper blog regarding fashion and the zombie apocalypse.  Ellie has some great ideas on looking good and remaining human at the same time.  … Continue reading

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