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Five Cars Suitable for the Zombie Apocalypse

Auto Evolution has a great list of five vehicles that are fit to ride through the zombie apocalypse without worry. We’ve reported on one of the vehicles before, and the rest of the pick seem to be worthy of the … Continue reading

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Leicester Council: Not Ready for Zombie Apocalypse

In the face of a freedom of information act request, the Leicester, England city council has been forced to admit they have no plan in place to prepare the city for the coming zombie apocalypse. Seems pretty foolish, given that … Continue reading

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The Infection, by Craig DiLouie – Book Review

Having just reviewed Tooth and Nail – a great book from DiLouie, I was expecting another action-packed gore-fest along with lots of deep characters. I wasn’t disappointed because that’s exactly what I found in The Infection: action, gore, and well-developed, … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

You know the zombie apocalypse is coming. You know you’ll need a bug-out bag. You figure you have a couple of years to prepare, so what’s the rush? Let’s face it, you’re probably never going to have time to prepare … Continue reading

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