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Missouri Dept. of Conservation Names Zombies as Invasive Species

Missouri’s Conservation department has named it’s newest “invasive species” – Zombies! That’s right, they have a new web page up called Flesh Afield, where they inform you about this latest threat to the environment. From the site: While zombie management … Continue reading

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OnStar – Helping You Find (or avoid) Zombies

Last night, the vehicle navigation and emergency company, OnStar, was out to help you locate monsters, whether it be zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts or even witches. A simple press of the OnStar blue button lets you report a zombie or … Continue reading

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Living Dead Are Worth Five Billion Dollars?

Zombies are on the rise – the rise of popularity and dollars. With more movies, books, video games, and conventions arriving every day, it doesn’t seem like we are near the peak of this apocalyptic horror, and indeed msnbc doesn’t … Continue reading

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