We Zombie is a place for everything zombie and for those who like, are concerned about, or are afraid of zombies.  Knowledge is the best tool to prepare – the more you know about zombies the better you’ll be able to deal with them when the time comes and your life depends on it.


Bill Nelson – Bill has only recently become infatuated with zombies but since then he can’t seem to get enough of them.  He wants to share them with the rest of the world and educate people about them so that he won’t be alone when that day comes – and that day may will come.

Adriana Nelson – Adriana lives with her husband, Bill Nelson, in a house filled with zombie paraphernalia.  You can find her awaiting the zombie apocalypse with a book in one hand and a zombie doll waiting to trip her as she shuffles to the kitchen.

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  1. Thank you for some other excellent submit. The location altogether different could any one have that types of facts in their normal excellent ways of producing? I own a speech in a few days, and i am for the seek out such information and facts.

  2. Madi says:

    I am SO ready to kick some zombie butt!! I cannot wait!! I got tons of weapons and information on zombies! I cant wait till the zombie apocolypse!

    • mike says:

      niether can i! i am so ready to splater guts and blood everywhere!

    • mike says:

      that is not what I meant to say. I really meant to say: I also got tons of weapons! for example I have a metal baseball bat to bash zombie brains and I have knives. I have so much hard things I can’t even name them all

  3. Amy says:

    Shuffled over here from god-knows-where and so glad that I did! Lovin’ all the zombie goodness!
    I got one of those fold your own zombie calendars and I post a picture of each new paper zombie every month on my blog. It’s such a fun project! I hope they come out with a new one for next year.
    Keep it up!

  4. KantaNoKaze says:

    Wow. I’ve been a growing zombie enthusiast for a long time now. I learned about zombies mostly to torture my little sister over her highest fear, but developed such a fixation with these creatures that now, I hardly notice when she cringes about my latest discovery. I’ve come to love the little buggers and when they join us in our struggle for survival, I know that I can feel some respect as my katana and claymore slice through their heads. Once I found this site, I knew this was a haven for me. Looking forward to being a constant follower. Let the shuffling of decaying feet begin as we get to know our future and most “human” enemies so much more.

    • KantaNoKaze says:

      Also, I’m NOT writing a book about zombies, but I guess I should get started based on everyone else. XD However, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of these copies.

  5. Just discovered this site when I saw Kim Paffenroth’s post on Facebook about his interview. My only question-why did I not know about you guys sooner! Looks like a great site about something near and dear to my heart: zombies! Though I try to keep the zombies not so near to my heart or other vital organs, as they tend to nibble on them when I do.

    Looking forward to checking out your interviews and updates as you post them.

    Patrick D’Orazio

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Thanks for stopping by. I just checked out your site and realized I’ve read your story A Soldier’s Lament in Eye Witness Zombie – a great story and a style of writing I liked. The book is on a stack waiting to be reviewed. Keep up the great work – looking forward to reading more.


    • KantaNoKaze says:

      Wow! I’ll have to give your books a read. I’ll get a few copies for the bookstore I work at too ;P

  6. John Olson says:

    Hey Bill,
    Just wondering if you would have time for yet another book review? You may have seen our book reviewed on Undeadinthehead, by Lyle Perez, who’s new book you just recently reviewed. “The Do-it-yourself Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse” is co-written by myself and Bud Hanzel. Hopefully you have already heard of it. But if not, and you are interested in taking a look, shoot me your shipping address and I’ll send you a copy for review.

    John Olson

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi John,
      Cool. I did notice the book on Amazon and was wondering about it. My local B&N had a zombie section out for Halloween and I picked up a bunch of new books but didn’t see that one. I would love to read and review the book – I’ll send you my address.



  7. Ben Muir says:

    Hey Bill,
    Just dropping you a line to see if you’d be interested in reviewing Dr Dale’s Zombie Dictionary – The A-Z of Staying Alive. It’s a spin off book from the hit live show How To Survive A Zombie Apocalyspe and is unlike any other survival book that’s out there – covering such topics as the use of giraffes, aardvarks, line dancing, music and socks to name but a few of the diverse entries. Give me a shout back and check out the website which will tell you more about the show and, of course, the book.
    All the best

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Ben,

      The dictionary has been on my list of books to purchase – I have been planning to review it. I’ve read about your seminars and shows – impressive stuff!


  8. Bill Nelson says:

    Hi Lauren,

    Those calendars sounds pretty cool, and I would love to review them. I’ll send you my shipping address. Thanks!


  9. Lauren says:


    I’m writing to see whether you might be interested in receiving some free
    review copies of a few zombie-themed calendars. We hope that if you like them you’ll consider a mention or review on your blog, but there is no cost or obligation
    involved. There are three calendars:

    The first is ZOMBIES: We Want Your Brain! wall calendar with artwork by William Stout. He created one of film’s most gruesomely famous zombies for the 1985 cult classic “Return of the Living Dead.” His Tar Man zombie, Mona Lisa zombie, and Hellbillies are just a few flesh-eaters that can be found in this gory calendar. Also included on each page is a zombie factoid and important dates in zombie history.

    Next is a very cool FOLD YOUR OWN ZOMBIE wall calendar where you can punch out pieces of paper corpses found in the back of the calendar and fold them into glorious 3D walking-dead models. Delightful!

    We also have THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE desk calendar based on the best-selling book of the same name. Each daily page contains valuable information needed to survive a zombie outbreak: the most effective weapons, combat techniques, and much more. Be prepared!

    If you’d like to receive copies, please just send a shipping address.


    Publicity Intern
    Andrews McMeel Publishing

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