Annual Zombie Debate at UCSB

Tonight the University of California at Santa Barbara is holding it’s annual Zombie Debate.  In the debate, professors from several different departments argue who is best suited to save the world from the coming zombie apocalypse.  Some of the departments represented are English, Biology, Engineering, Communication, Psychology and Religious studies.  Can’t we all just get along and work together?  My vote is on either the engineers or the biologists.  What will the Communication department do – talk to the zombies?  The annual event was inspired by a debate on NPR called the Life Raft Debate – an MP3 of the original NPR debate is available for your listening pleasure.

Update – May 13.  Looks like the Biology department won the debate.  Two of my favorite quotes:

“We will use body language to shape the behavior of the zombies” (Communication department)
“As an engineer, I am very good at blowing shit up” (Engineering department)

They had a record crowd – 800 people filled the meeting hall to capacity.

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4 Responses to Annual Zombie Debate at UCSB

  1. Woman says:

    No way!!! There are actually Zombie Debates!!!!!! How swank is that!!!!

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey – it’s pretty swank. If major universities are discussing the coming zombie apocalypse it’s a step in the right direction – there may be hope!

  2. Madi says:

    I dont want them to stop the zombies because im SO ready for the apocolypse!

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