Battle of the Zombie Sexes

A couple of writers over at the Longmont Zombie Examiner have been going at it for a while battling back and forth with a sort of battle of the zombie sexes.  Today, Larry Berreth posted an article titled “5 ways women prepare men for the zombie apocalypse.”  My favorite quote from the article is “If you can survive living with a woman, the zombie apocalypse will be a welcome vacation.”  He also posted the article “5 ways zombies are like women” which is hilarious.  One example – “They are always moaning about something”.  Jess d’Arbonne has posted “Why a zombie is better than your boyfriend” and  “5 reasons women are better at surviving the zombie apocalypse.”  A notable quote from Jess is “Women have no natural inclination to return the favor.” These two should keep us entertained for quite some time.

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