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The Walking Dead Cast and Execs Reflect on Season 2, Hint on Season 3

The Hollywood Reporter has a great story highlighting the comments from the cast and producers of The Walking Dead about who got killed and why, and other great insight. The comments were made during a two-hour hosted panel at the … Continue reading

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Promiscuville: Rise of the Dead, by Chris Wade – Book Review

I received a review copy of Chris Wade’s new book, Promiscuville: Rise of the Dead, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. Wade manages to captivate the reader with intense zombie action expertly described in scene after scene. Many times during … Continue reading

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Map of the Dead – Your Guide to Survival

Jeff at Doejo has created (with help from Google and others) a real-time map showing points of interest to those surviving a zombie apocalypse. There are markers for gun shops, doctors, gas stations, hospitals and police stations (stay away from … Continue reading

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Plague Town, by Dana Fredsti – Book Review

The small college town of Redwood Grove will never be the same, and neither will student Ashley Parker. An outbreak of Walker’s flu has been running rampant through the town, creating bedridden and sometimes delirious citizens, many of whom die … Continue reading

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Matt Mogk talks “What You Don’t Know Can Eat You”

Chris Mackowski, of Scholars and Rogues posted a great interview today with Matt Mogk, the director of the Zombie Research Society. Mogk talks about the ZRS and a little of his background that led to the ZRS as we know … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead – Rise of the Governor – Exclusive Audio

OK, Walking Dead fans, look alive! Have you ever wondered how the Governor came to be? How he got his power? How he came to enjoy and demand sick games like making dissidents and prisoners battle zombies in an arena? … Continue reading

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The Physics of Zombies II: Madore’s Rules of Zombie Vision… – Scholarly Article Review

Looks like the Madore brothers have done it again, releasing the second research paper in what I hope is a series of scientific articles on zombies. I reviewed their first paper and was lucky enough to get an interview with … Continue reading

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Annual Zombie Debate at UCSB

Tonight the University of California at Santa Barbara is holding it’s annual Zombie Debate.  In the debate, professors from several different departments argue who is best suited to save the world from the coming zombie apocalypse.  Some of the departments … Continue reading

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Zombie Enthusiast Arrested in NYC

Two days ago a man was spotted in a NYC bus terminal by the Port Authority police.  He was wearing a trench coat, had a camouflage bag over his shoulder, and an “empty” look in his eyes. This doesn’t sound … Continue reading

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Dogs vs. Zombies – Play Dead

Ever notice how there are always plenty of dogs running around unaffected during the zombie apocalypse?  Where are the cats?  I don’t know.  I do know that the Meza brothers are working on a project to create a movie where … Continue reading

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