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World War Z Brad Pitt Trailer Released

Yesterday the new trailer for World War Z was released. Looks like lots of action but also a lot of obviously computer generated zombie hordes. I hope they work a little more on the CG before the movie is released. … Continue reading

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Zombies Don’t Eat Dead Meat

The Undeading is an attempt to break the Guinness World Records® record for the largest CPR training session ever, As part of their campaign, the Heart and Stroke Foundation released their “CPR Makes You Undead” video. It’s surprisingly well done … Continue reading

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Dish Network Took my Zombies Away

Dish Network and AMC Networks are battling out their differences in court this fall, but wanting to bring attention to their side of the story, AMC has released a video hoping to take a bite out of Dish and encourage … Continue reading

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Zombies Fear the new Chevy Cruze?

According to a new commercial from Chevy, zombies fear the Chevy Cruze more than any other car. I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I’ll be driving when the zombie apocalypse happens. Sure, it’s a great car – … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead Cast and Execs Reflect on Season 2, Hint on Season 3

The Hollywood Reporter has a great story highlighting the comments from the cast and producers of The Walking Dead about who got killed and why, and other great insight. The comments were made during a two-hour hosted panel at the … Continue reading

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Map of the Dead – Your Guide to Survival

Jeff at Doejo has created (with help from Google and others) a real-time map showing points of interest to those surviving a zombie apocalypse. There are markers for gun shops, doctors, gas stations, hospitals and police stations (stay away from … Continue reading

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Robert Kirkman Talks Walking Dead at Image Expo 2012

Robert Kirkman created quite the buzz at Image Expo this weekend in Oakland, CA, participating in a panel discussion about “The Walking Dead” comics and his upcoming projects. He gave a great Q&A interview with Comic Book Resources about his … Continue reading

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Police Officer Speaks About Zombie Defense

A Binghamton’s University Police Officer spoke to students about zombie preparedness and defense, during the second installment of the Zombie Student Association’s four-part series, “Zombie Survival Series”. The officer, Lt. Mady Bay made comparisons between campus shooters and zombies, stating … Continue reading

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Princess Leia and Stormtrooper Zombies

I ran across this image on BoingBoing – first time I’ve seen this done, and this is done well. The image is part of Vill4n0′s flickr collection from Megacon 2012.

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America Sets Gun Sales Record – Again

December was a busy month for gun purchasers, setting a record for monthy FBI background checks, topping a record just set from November sales. CNN has an article about the increase, but the reporter and the FBI seemed baffled by … Continue reading

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