Dream Team for the Zombie Apocalypse

Have you ever thought about the team of survivors you would put together to handle the coming zombie apocalypse?  Becky W. of Franklin High in Reisterstown, MD has, and she has put together a very clever list of the ten people she would have on her team.

Number 2: Dwight Schrute (from The Office): An expert with weapons, many of which he hides in his own office, Dwight has the stamina and confidence to take down some zombies. Plus, he’s a volunteer sheriff’s deputy on the weekends.

Number 4: Sarah Palin: For the only thing she’s good at- killing stuff. She might even be able to drive away the undead with the sheer annoyance of her voice.

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4 Responses to Dream Team for the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Pedro Colchado says:

    Does the team have to be just REAL people?¿?

    If not, my dream team would be:
    *Chuck Norris
    *Son Goku
    *Master Chief
    *Jill Valentine

    • KantaNoKaze says:

      Hmm, you bring up a good point. Link is a good choice. I mean, the undead are nothing but debris in front of his sword, but I worry about Son Goku. One, he eats A LOT! Two, he tends to give his enemies time to atone meaning time to chew another person. As for Master cheif… well… hmmm, actually he might be all you need.

      Also, as to my Will Smith entry, I forgot about [i]I am Legend[/i] which really counts as zombies. So he’s perfect.

  2. KantaNoKaze says:

    Wouldn’t Hawking be a liability? He’d need to be carried and then he couldn’t communicate. This list isn’t very good in my opinion. I’d halve it and bring the following:
    1.) Will Smith. I think the only bad guys he HASN’T fought are zombies. (interested Hollywood?)
    2.) Larry King. He looks like one already and could easily be an ambassador for us if zombies are capable of intellect like in Robin Becker’s “Brains.” Plus, he’s STILL hasn’t died. Face it, he’s never going to.
    3.) Michio Kaku. He’s my personal favorite theoretical physicist and I think much more capable than Hawking in a zombie situation.
    4.) Dr. Kevorkian. He’s a doctor so that’s good and I think this is really his time to shine. Sure euthanasia had it’s drawbacks before, but his expertise is perfect now.
    5.) Finally, Tina Fey. First, my party is a sausage fest and why not invite the most beautiful woman in my opinion? Granted, I don’t have a chance with her, but I’m sure Will or Michio could continue the race. Besides, we all need a laugh after putting down a family member turned zombie and a palin impression beats having the real thing 24/7 any time.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      OK – that’s a great list also – especially the Tina Fey comment – “beats having the real thing 24/7″.


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