G20 Toronto – Remake of Romero’s Land of the Dead?

Peter Howell, a movie critic for the Toronto edition of the Star, has written a provocative article comparing the G20 Summit arrival this weekend in Toronto with the making of the
movie the Land of the Dead in Toronto.  It’s an eerie comparison.  Photo of Movie Critic Peter Howell

An example of a coincidental fact – the Land of the Dead was filmed mainly in Toronto, where it’s creator George Romero now resides, but it was set in Pittsburgh, where the last G20 summit was held.

Howell even compares the movie’s overlord Paul Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who will host the G20 events behind walls and barriers designed to keep the slobbering rabble out, similar to Kaufman and the chaos outside his walls.  I think we should applaud Howell for his perception in seeing this comparison.

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