How the Red Cross Would Deal With the Zombie Apocalypse

How would the Red Cross react during the zombie apocalypse? Are they prepared to dispatch zombies for us or would they simply provide aid and help pick up the pieces?  Louis Truong, a member of the National Preparedness and Response Corps (NPRC) with the American Red Cross, Southeast Louisiana Chapter, will be writing on that very subject over the next few weeks as he develops a scenario where the Red Cross is forced to react to a world covered with the living dead.  I’m looking forward to see what his experiences with the Red Cross can tell us – will they be an asset or a liability?

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  1. Committee to Elect Karin L.Swanson for President says:

    Individual zombies are not dead & returned to life. They think they are because cult of training/breeding of Black Dragon Society breaks them down for group preservationism w STDs & physical torture then buried alive. Cannibalism adds a layer of disease, but warring viruses, especially long term syphilliptic symptoms, rot the brain. Mutation rates established through Partical Nucleic Acid & genetic algorithms add to zombieism. Their bones are porous & a mortal blow to the head is only sure means of Christ given death, see youtube Dr. Sophocles series. Their driving life force, even underground in tunnels/storage chambers (youtube Iwo Jima:36 Days of Hell), is oppositionality to Dead Sea Scrolls, Theban Plays, Book of Ex/Pslms/& Is 2:10-2:20 – the Sunset Date Jan. 1, 2020.

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