Humans vs. Zombies – Banned at Kansas State University

The K-State Collegian has an article about various campus games for those students who don’t lean towards athletics and perhaps have a geeky side. One of the games mentioned was Humans vs. Zombies which sounds pretty cool. Basically, students sign up for the game ahead of time, and it starts out with one zombie who tries to attack (touch) other humans in the game, who then go on to become zombies and attack other humans as well.  The object is to survive as a human. The game lasts for many days, and each zombie must make one human kill every 48 hours or they are eliminated from the game.  If no zombie kills a human in 48 hours the game is over and the humans win. Once you are a zombie, you have to wear a bandanna to mark yourself as a zombie.  There were safe buildings such as residence halls, the library, cafeteria, etc., so zombies would camp outside these buildings waiting to ambush the human players in the game.  K-State decided that this was not a game they wanted played on campus – what if a high school or prospective student was touring the school and they saw people in bandannas chasing other students throughout campus?  Personally I would think – cool, I want to go to school here!  K-State claims they are only concerned about student safety and therefore the game cannot be played on campus.  However, dodge-ball is allowed and we all know that nobody ever gets hurt in dodge-ball.  Read the article and be amazed like I was.

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