Itak as a Zombie Weapon

When the zombie apocalypse arrives in the Philippines, many households will be prepared to dispatch the horde, because of a tool called the “itak”.  It is similar to a machete, but is slightly wider at the tip making it convenient for chopping.  This is a great item to have as part of your survival kit since it is very useful as a tool as well as a weapon, doesn’t require any specialized training to use, and is fairly lightweight.

The website has a great article describing the itak and how it is used in the Philippines.  The itak, also called a bolo knife, is described in Wikipedia where it is mentioned that a bolo knife was used in the failed assassination attempt on Imelda Marcos, who still bears scars on her arm from the attack.   One version that has received great reviews is the Itak Tagalog 2 from Traditional Filipino Weapons.   If you purchase any kind of knife or sword for your zombie survival kit, make sure it is of high quality and not a replica or show knife for display.

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