Living Dead Are Worth Five Billion Dollars?

Zombies are on the rise – the rise of popularity and dollars. With more movies, books, video games, and conventions arriving every day, it doesn’t seem like we are near the peak of this apocalyptic horror, and indeed msnbc doesn’t think so. Their article states that the estimated worth of the zombie genre and culture is five billion dollars and rising.

The article mentions the research that came up with the estimate, and broke it down into several categories, each with their own dollar amount:

Movies: $2.5 billion
Video Games: $2.5 billion
Comic Books, Magazines, and TV: $50 million
Halloween Costumes: $125 million
Books and Novels: $100 million
Conventions, Events, and Walks: $10 million
Merchandise: $10 million
Websites, Discussion Boards: $10 million
Music: $10 million
Art: $10 million

These numbers seem crazy high to me, but the authors feel that if anything the numbers are greatly underestimated. Measurements are difficult, if not impossible in some of the categories, so it’s hard to tell, but whatever the number is, it is on the rise like the zombies.

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