Missouri Dept. of Conservation Names Zombies as Invasive Species

Missouri’s Conservation department has named it’s newest “invasive species” – Zombies! That’s right, they have a new web page up called Flesh Afield, where they inform you about this latest threat to the environment. From the site:

While zombie management is largely left to the police, military and health agencies, conservation plays a role in protecting Missouri’s fish, forest and wildlife resources–and Missourians–from this invasive species.

You’ll find tips on zombie identification, zombie hunger and habitat, tree stand safety, and even helpful tips for hunters, anglers, foresters and other woodsmen. Heck, it even mentions that in the fall gigging season, a gig makes a great zombie weapon. (I would opt for the gig without barbs – don’t want to have problems getting their head off the gig. Also, make sure you go with a solid steel handle for maximum durability.

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2 Responses to Missouri Dept. of Conservation Names Zombies as Invasive Species

  1. Terry says:

    A friend of mine says his brother is as cold as ice, staring blankly at him and is getting really aggressive. What should he do?

    • ..... says:

      Chain him to the wall and always keep away, if this continues he is most likely infected. Im sorry if this is unhuman and disrespectful but it is better to be safe than sorry. And if he does turn out to be infected he had better end it there and then, making sure to keep from any contact with the blood or anything else. Call the hospital and inform them of the sickness before, would rather have a cure before it gets out of hand. If you happen to be joking lol. And if you really arent my deepest apoligies.

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