Monterey Zombie Luau 2011

The Monterey, CA Zombie Luau was held on October 6 at the Alternative Cafe in Seaside. The Luau was a fundraiser for the Monterey Zombie Walk 2011 which will be held on October 25 in downtown Monterey. It’s an awesome walk where you get to watch the faces of the horrified shoppers as the zombie horde shuffles through the heart of the farmer’s market. I was able to get some pics from the Luau – there was a zombie ukulele player, a zombie playing an accordion, and a band of zombies called The Thirsty Three.

Luau Picture 1Luau Picture 2Luau Picture 3Luau Picture 4

Luau Picture 5Luau Picture 6Luau Picture 7Luau Picture 8

Luau Picture 9Luau Picture 10Luau Picture 11Luau Picture 12

Luau Picture 13Luau Picture 14Luau Picture 15Luau Picture 16

Luau Picture 17Luau Picture 18Luau Picture 19Luau Picture 20

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  1. IM FAMOUS!!! :D haha. That night was so amazing! I had so much fun!

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