Sacramento Zombie Walk 2010

This weekend Sacramento had their annual zombie walk on July 10th. While not setting any records, the Sacramento Zombie Walk does have the honor of being the first organized zombie walk that started the worldwide phenomenon – that was is 2001.

The Stockton Headlines Examiner has a report on the event, which is a yearly event organized by Trash Film Orgy.  Initial reports are that around 1,000 zombies turned out for the event.    News 10 in Sacramento has a great slide show on their web site.  The video from the Examiner news story can be seen below.

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2 Responses to Sacramento Zombie Walk 2010

  1. Bill Nelson says:

    Hi Moniqe,

    Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much activity regarding the Sacramento Zombie Walk for 2011. If it happens on the anniversary it would only be about six weeks away, but I can’t find any sites that are organizing the Walk this year. There are a couple of Facebook and MySpace pages that are dedicated to the Sacramento Walk, but they are outdated and most of the recent posts are asking the same question you are – when is the Walk this year?

    If you are interested in having or participating in a walk in Sacramento this year, my advice would be to go to and post a message in the California forum asking if anyone is planning to walk this year. I hope there is interest this year – the past few walks have only brought a few hundred people and I hope it will grow larger. Sorry I didn’t have any better news for you.


  2. moniqe lopez says:

    hello there, i am trying to find out when the annual zombie walk will happen in sacramento, ca.

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