San Jose Zombie Crawl 2010 – Zombie-O-Rama

I was lucky enough to be in San Jose, CA today for the start of the San Jose Zombie Crawl 2010. It’s a large event through downtown San Jose and is followed by a zombie fashion show and an outdoor showing of the movie ZombieLand. I had my camera with me and managed to get some shots of some great zombies. I also took some video at the beginning and another video near the end of the walk. Like an idiot, though, when I was shooting near the end of the walk, all close ups, I had the toggle reversed on the camera so when I thought I was recording I was actually pausing the camera – wound up with lots of great video of the ground and my shirt. Aaargghh! I blew a once in a lifetime moment.   Anyway, here’s the stills and video I did get.  I had to leave early and that’s too bad, because lots more zombies were showing up.

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