Shelters for the Zombie Apocalypse

Since the zombie apocalypse is several years away, there is plenty of time to build that shelter you need – somewhere you can hide out for a year or so until the zombies and bad people die off, when it will be safe to go outside again.  You’ll want a shelter stocked full of guns; you’ll want it bombproof, radiation proof, and bio-hazard proof.  There are lots of options to achieve this type of protection.  You can build your own shelter, have it built, or you can invest in a group shelter reserving your spot in a large community of survivors who all had the same idea.  Why would you need a bombproof or radiation-proof shelter?  Because we all know some scientist will have the great idea of nuking our cities to stop the spread of the infection, or we may be faced with a rogue military unit trying to blast their way in to confiscate our food and weapons.

Northwest Shelter Systems builds bomb shelters, gun vaults, hidden passageways and many other underground rooms to hole up in while things settle down topside.  You can even carve out your shelter from solid rock, fit the entrance with blast doors, and sit inside relaxing with your pipe since they also install filtration systems and ventilators.

If you want to see the range of thermal, pressure, and fallout damage from various types of nuclear bombs check out the map below.  Select a city, weapon type, and press Nuke it!

This map should help you find the ideal location for your shelter.  Hint: at least 60 miles from the nearest population center unless you install all of the options for your shelter.

Underground Bomb Shelter can help you build bombproof shelters, blast and ballistic-proof houses, safe rooms, and even portable shelters.  They also have lots of great articles about stocking your shelter and preparing for that day when the apocalypse comes.  Their specialty seems to be more along the lines of protection from nuclear disaster but as mentioned before this is a very real possibility.

Hardened Structures can help you with underground bunkers, converting an abandoned silo to a shelter, creating a hardened zombie-proof location, and they many other services to offer anyone worried about the possibility of needing that secure location some day.

If you can’t build your own, you can purchase a room in a community shelter built by Vivos, a company that specializes in super-shelters and then sells rooms in the shelter for those wanting to secure a spot the easy way.  They’re even building an extremely large shelter underground that is designed to house almost one thousand people.  There’s probably a shelter near you so get on board.

For me, unfortunately, unless I win the lottery, I’ll be stranded in my shack with plywood over the doors and windows eating spam with my homemade spears at the ready.  Wish me luck!  I’ll need it…

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5 Responses to Shelters for the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. crye lane says:

    All thats seen this page needs to know
    How to survive. because i am prepared so how about u. and i know
    Its going to happen one day.

  2. trisha says:

    I was wandering if me and my friends would survive with regular zombies and not world war z zombies thank you

  3. Britt Knight says:

    Hey, My friends and I were planing for a zombie apocalypse at our school, and I was wondering how long and how hard it would be to built an underground bunker that would be able to survive an explosion? Thanks for your time.

  4. I pay a quick visit each day a few sites and blogs to read
    posts, except this website provides feature based posts.

  5. well, i am currently writing a persuasive speech in my preforming arts class and this has actually been a great help. the speech is about how schools need an apocalyptic shelter in case of a disaster. thank you for posting this

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