Signs the Zombie Apocalypse has Started?

We Zombie tracks news reports and search engine queries, looking for signs of the impending zombie apocalypse. Yesterday, a man in in Miami was fatally shot when he refused to stop eating the face of another man. When a police officer ordered him to stop, he looked up, growled, and continued eating. While these are the kind of news reports we’ll see in the weeks leading up to the zombie apocalypse, this is probably an isolated incident. Police are speculating that “bath salts” may have been a cause of the man’s behavior, but we’ll never really know for sure.

There are reports of four similar incidents in Miami recently, which police are also blaming on bad LSD. Could this be some diabolical viral experiment carried out on homeless people? Certainly it is possible, but I think we would be seeing more than one of these cannibalistic attacks. Either way, this was a sad, horrible event that should never have happened. The Huffington Post has the story.

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10 Responses to Signs the Zombie Apocalypse has Started?

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  3. Johnb250 says:

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  4. Time Sky wood says:

    It is storming really bad and I gotta a feeling in my gut and so does my friend. We have created a pack and are in the r waiting for it to begin. We know it will start, get your supplies and weapons ready.

  5. Lily says:

    In my country everyone is getting a fever, getting sick. The power keeps going off. There is a strange noise outside my window right now.

  6. Bob T. Builder says:

    MOM CAN WE HAVE FACES FOR DINNER?????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Bob T. Builder says:

    Do i have to shoot face eating bath salt addicted hobo’s…. THAT
    ARE NAKED!?!??


    it could happen tonight weird signs …. birds flying in one direction, people speeding, and other wierd things… SHIT RUN GET READY


  9. samm says:

    i have seen what is to come the zombie attacke are real my freinds have been chased by people acting erraticaly and even my own mother is i think infected the other night her eye sockets where black and she was breathing verry heavy it has scared the shit out of me i want to find a cure just in case she goes zombie so people get ready!!!!!

  10. Nicole Dilley says:

    Zombie’s could very well be coming. Research does show weird stories about things that could possiby lead to a zombie apocalypse. And don’t you think it’s weird that CDC would reject the fact of zombies being real. The truth is that if you reject the fact of zombies being real than you will be one of the first to go. So therefor it is very much possible that a zombie apocalypse could happen.

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