Solar Powered Vehicle For the Zombie Apocalypse – ApocalypsEV

Energy Matters has posted an article about a solar powered zombie apocalypse vehicle, perfect for the day when those Hummers are out of gas and are only useful for a temporary blockade or shelter. The ApocalypsEV includes a 5 point harness and roll cage, and a deluxe model will have a lockable trunk, perfect for storing survival items which you’ve looted (borrowed) from abandoned stores.

Two brothers,  Michael and Kenny Ham, are building the affordable street-legal electric vehicles that are apocalypse ready, and they promise not to sell them to the undead.

-2wd / 20hp
-Wheel Mounted Motors
-40 W Solar charging
-Built in Wall Charger
-Deep Cycle Batteries
-5 Point Safety Harnesses
-Roll Cage
-$5-8k Price Point

-4wd / 40 hp
-EMP Hardened Electronics
-High Grade Solar Cells
-Extended Range Batteries
-Locking Trunk

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  1. No dear, you can’t have one – forget about it…


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