The New Zombie-Friendly Sears

I’m not sure how long this has been going on, and I never considered Sears to be very modern in the areas of pop culture or the coming zombie apocalypse, but you should check out This is just way too cool. The image below shows the ads
on the site in the Zombian language, but if you haven’t turned yet you can click a link to convert to the English language. I guess that zombies need clothes and appliances too, but this is the first retailer that I’ve seen try and cash in the fact that some of us have already turned. There are videos on the site about fitness equipment, clothing, and of course, ads for refrigerators to keep those brains chilled to the perfect 48 degrees for preserving. You have to check this site out – and congratulations to the folks at Sears for understanding that the inevitable zombie apocalypse will happen and is just around the corner.

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2 Responses to The New Zombie-Friendly Sears

  1. Axe Hack says:

    Zombian is actually Zamgrh (, the zombie language in the popular MMO Urban Dead (

    Proof can be given on the fact that both zombieshopper and the Sears advert links to the Zombie Lexicon guide ( on the Urban Dead Wiki.

    I just thought this deserves to be pointed out.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Axe_Hack,

      That’s pretty cool – thanks for pointing that out. I had no idea the language was so extensive and developed.


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