The Walking Dead Action Figures

MTV Geek has a sneak peek at the human and zombie action figures from The Walking Dead series, and they look pretty cool.  The toys were spotted at the Toy Fair 2011 where they were being displayed.  Some of the pictures look like they were hastily taken but they provide a great view of these detailed figures.  Pretty cool looking, and if you’re a fan of the series (who isn’t) they will look great on your desk or mantle.

Last week, the geeks at MTV gave us an exclusive look at the zombie figures from the series in this post.

MTV Geeks promises to keep us informed as they cover the 2011 International Toy Show.

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead Action Figures

  1. The Walking Dead Action Figures are one of my favorites. Let the zombie horde in :)

  2. KantaNoKaze says:

    I hope they get back to the original story. Sure, the CDC ending was nice, but they should be heading for the prison so things get reaaaally good. Also, on a personal note, I know for a fact that they can’t be shooting in Atlanta. I live just outside of Atlanta and even WITH a zombie apocalypse, the streets are waaaay too clean.

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