The Walking Dead Replay – Season One Marathon

Hari Navarro over at Suite101 has just posted an article about the return of The Walking Dead Series One to AMC.  The network is presenting a marathon of back-to-back episodes starting Friday, March 4th for those who missed the series or their Tivo wasn’t working the first time around.  Navarro’s article has a great overview of each of the six episodes that make up the first season.  Also, don’t forget you can also purchase a Season One DVD set with lots of extras from Amazon.

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3 Responses to The Walking Dead Replay – Season One Marathon

  1. Ben says:

    I missed the first season because I was in law school. Now tons of free time and need to watch it. Does it NEVER replay on AMC????? What the heck is wrong with them???? Not on on demand or anything? Wasn’t it their highest ratings series premier?

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey Ben,

      Yeah, that does suck. I would think they would replay Season One about a week before the release of Season Two, at least that’s what I would do. Yesterday AMC announced that Season Two will be split into two 6-episode parts. Starting with a 90 minute opener on Oct. 16th, followed by regular episodes and the last 6 shows in February.

      Amazon has Season One episodes for $2 earch and it looks like you can buy the Season One DVD for about $12 now. Be worth having for sure.


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