The Zombie Survival Guide, by Etienne DeForest – Book Review

I received a signed copy of Etienne Guerin DeForest’s book, The Zombie Survival Guide – How To Live Like a King After The Outbreak, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it while I laughed my butt off. This book is intelligent and irreverent at the same time – you’ll be humored, offended, schooled, and awed all at once. Chapter 1 opens with some zombie history which includes Egypt, Australia, Easter Island and the Florida Keys – yes the Florida Keys, Labor Day 1935 was the site of the first zombie outbreak in the United States. Chapter 2 teaches us about some of the origins/causes of Zombism such as viruses, bacteria, radiation, nanobots, Egyptians!, Alchemy, Nazis, parasites, voodoo, and Hell itself.

The next chapter is on suitable weapons, followed by a chapter on the outbreak itself, how to identify it, how to be sure of it, and how to stay one step ahead of all those in denial. Chapter 5 gives us lessons on how to deal with humans after the outbreak, and chapter 6 teaches us how to deal with zombies after the outbreak. These two chapters are my favorites – I learned about raiders, wanderers, and zombie pimps; I learned about zombie biology, senses, diet, and sociology, all the time trying to stop grinning. Chapter 7 teaches us how to train zombies in five easy phases, and chapter 8 deals with the pitfalls of human to zombie sexual relations, and believe me, the tips presented in this chapter will probably save my life one day. Finally, chapter 9 is just a couple of pages giving us a glimpse in the life of the author living like a king after the outbreak, and by the way, the author admitted to ignoring his own advice in chapter 8 on human to zombie relations. This book will make you laugh, cringe, and grin for several days; it is a must have for any zombie bookshelf.

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