Walking Dead Season 2 Part 2 Sets Rating Record Again

Looks like the wait for part two of Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” was worth it for the AMC network, because we all tuned in last Sunday night for the return of the series. According to Nielson, the episode pulled in 8.1 million viewers, another record for cable TV, beating the record set last fall during at the beginning of Season 2.

The episode created more questions than it answered, and who knows where the second half of this season will lead us – one thing is for sure, it will be awesome. Check out next week’s episode trailer.

AMC announced it is going to shoot 16 episodes for Season 3, and will keep the format of breaking the season into two parts like they did with Season 2. Seems to be working OK that way. Last month, “The Walking Dead” was nominated for three Golden Reel awards.

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