WeZombie is at work trying to keep a calendar of zombie walks and crawls – if you are organizing an event or know of an upcoming one, please post a comment using the link at the bottom of the page and we’ll get it listed on the calendar.

Past Events

December 8, 2012 – Bakersfield Zombie Walk, Bakersfield, CA

December 8, 2012 – 6th Annual Charlotte Zombie Walk, Charlotte, NC

November 17, 2012 – 6th Annual UK Festival of Zombie Culture, Leicester, UK

November 10, 2012 – 5th Annual Savannah Zombie Walk, Savannah, GA

November 9, 2012 – Hampton Roads Zombie Walk, Virginia Beach, VA

November 3, 2012 – 2nd Annual Fredericksburg Zombie Walk, Fredericksburg, VA

November 2, 2012 – Zombie Art Walk 3, Lebanon, PA

October 30, 2012 – 7th Annual Monterey Zombie Walk, Monterey, CA

October 27, 2012 – 2nd Annual Old Town San Diego Zombie Walk, San Diego, CA

October 27, 2012 – 1st Annual 3K Zombie Run, Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada

October 27, 2012 – 2nd Annual Marietta Zombie Walk, Marietta, GA

October 27, 2012 – 4th Annual Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk, Phoenix, AZ

October 27, 2012 – 5th Annual Houston Zombie Walk, Houston, TX

October 27, 2012 – PubZ and GrubZ Zombie Crawl, Glen Ellyn, IL

October 27, 2012 – Richmond 8th Annual Zombie Walk, Richmond, VA

October 27, 2012 – Long Beach Zombie Walk 2012, Long Beach, CA

October 27, 2012 – NOLA Zombie Walk, New Orleans, CA

October 27, 2012 – 3rd Annual Roosevelt Rd. Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl, Berwyn, IL

October 27, 2012 – Wichita Falls Zombie Crawl and 5K, Wichita Falls, TX

October 26, 2012 – Zombie Takeover at the Dana Hotel, Chicago, IL

October 21, 2012 – Brisbane Zombie Walk 2012, Brisbane, QLD

October 20, 2012 – Cincinnati Zombie Walk 2012, Cincinnati, OH

October 20, 2012 – Denver 7th Annual Zombie Crawl, Denver, CO

October 20, 2012 – Ft. Worth 6th Annual Zombie Crawl, Ft. Worth, TX

October 18, 2012 – Buffalo Zombie Walk and Pub Crawl, Buffalo, NY

October 14, 2012 – 6th Annual Official NYC Zombie Crawl, NY, NY

October 13, 2012 – Omaha 5th Annual Zombie Walk, Omaha, NE

October 13, 2012 – The GR Zombie Dash, Grad Rapids, MI

October 6, 2012 – New Jersey Zombie Walk, Asbury, NJ

October 4, 2012 – 6th Annual Lawrence Zombie Walk, Lawrence, KS

September 29, 2012 – 2nd Annual  Terre Haute Zombie Crawl, Terre Haute, IN

August 30, 2012 – San Antonio Horrific Zombie Walk, Universal City, TX

August 24, 2012 – Lincoln ZombieFest 2012, Lincoln, NE

August 18, 2012 – Vancouver Zombie Walk 2012, Vancouver, BC

August 11, 2012 – So. Cal. Zombie Walk 2012, West Hollywood, CA

August 4, 2012 – Dublin Zombie Walk, Dublin, Ireland

July 27, 2012 – Michigan City Zombie Walk, Michigan City, IN

July 21, 2012 – Jacksonville Zombie Walk, Jacksonville, FL

July 21, 2012 – Birmingham Zombie Walk, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

July 7, 2012 – Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk, Seattle, WA

June 29, 2012 – Zombie Prom Chicago, Chicago, IL

June 23, 2012 – Run for your lives zombie obstacle course, Indianapolis, IN

June 16, 2012 – 5th Annual Zombie March Chicago, Chicago, IL

June 9, 2012 – 3rd Annual Zombie Walk Lebanon 2012, Lebanon, MO

June 2, 2012 – Carbondale Zombie Walk 5, Carbondale, IL

June 1, 2012 – KC Zombie Walk for Hunger, Kansas City, MO

May 27, 2012 – 6th Annual Springtime NYC Zombie Crawl, Brooklyn, NY

May 25, 2012 – Memphis Zombie Massacre, Memphis, TN

May 19, 2012 -Zombie March VIII, Boston, MA

May 12, 2012 – Houston Zombie Walk, Houston, TX

May 12, 2012 – Zombie Walk Columbus 2012, Columbus, OH

May 5, 2012 – Run for your lives zombie obstacle course, Boston, MA

April 28, 2012 – 5th Annual So. Cal Zombie Walk, Orange, CA

April 28, 2012 – 5th Annual Zombie Pub Crawl, Chicago, IL

April 21, 2012 – Myrtle Beach Zombie Walk, Myrtle Beach, SC

April 20, 2012 – Blood on the Beach Zombie Walk, Virginia Beach, VA

April 8, 2012 – 7th Annual Philly Zombie Crawl, Philadelphia, PA

April 1, 2012 – Survival of the Bands Zombie Walk, Brooklyn, NY

March 3, 2012 – Run for your lives zombie obstacle course, Atlanta, GA

February 25, 2012 – Sydney Zombie March, Sydney, Australia

December 10, 2011 – Jingle Brains 2, Venice Beach, CA

December 3, 2011 – Bakersfield Zombie Walk, Bakersfield, CA

December 3, 2011 – SoCal Zombie Walk, Los Angeles, CA

November 19, 2011 – 5th Annual UK Festival of Zombie Culture, Leicester, UK

November 19, 2011 – The 2011 Queens Thanksgiving Zombie Walk, Astoria, NY

November 12, 2011 – 4th Annual Savannah Zombie Walk, Savannah, GA

November 5, 2011 – Zombie Pub Crawl 2011, Cambridge, MA

November 5, 2011 – 1st Annual Fredericksburg Zombie Walk, Fredericksburg, VA

November 4, 2011 – Zombie Art Walk 2, Lebanon, PA

October 31, 2011 – Lewisburg Zombie Walk, Lewisburg, PA

October 29, 2011 – Conway 2nd Annual Zombie Walk, Conway, AR

October 29, 2011 – London Zombie Walk Pub Crawl, London, England

October 29, 2011 – Long Beach Zombie Walk 2011, Long Beach, CA

October 29, 2011 – Downtown Phoenix 3rd Annual Zombie Walk, Phoenix, AZ

October 29, 2011 – PubZ and GrubZ Zombie Crawl, Glen Ellyn, IL

October 29, 2011 – Richmond 7th Annual Zombie Walk, Richmond, VA

October 29, 2011 – San Diego Halloween Zombie Apocalypse Walk, San Diego, CA

October 28, 2011 – Cincinnati Zombie Walk 2011, Cincinnati, OH

October 25, 2011 – Monterey Zombie Walk 2011, Monterey, CA

October 23, 2011 – London 5th Annual Zombie Walk, London, Ontario

October 22, 2011 – Denver 6th Annual Zombie Crawl, Denver, CO

October 22, 2011 – Ft. Worth 5th Annual Zombie Crawl, Ft. Worth, TX

October 22, 2011 – Houston 4th Annual Zombie Walk, Houston, TX

October 22, 2011 – Santa Barbara Zombie Invasion, Santa Barbara, CA

October 22, 2011 – Fourth Annual Silver Spring Zombie Walk, Silver Spring, MD

October 22, 2011 – Youngstown Zombie Walk, Youngstown, OH

October 21-23, 2011 – Seattle ZomBcon Walk TBA, Seattle, WA

October 16, 2011 – New York City Zombie Crawl, Manhattan, NY

October 15, 2011 – Colorado Springs 5th Annual Zombie Crawl, Colorado Springs, CO

October 15, 2011 – Zombie Walk Dallas 2011, Dallas, TX

October 15, 2011 – Omaha 4th Annual Zombie Walk, Omaha, NE

17 Responses to Walks/Crawls

  1. ryan says:

    ZOMBIE WALK 2013 down town Columbus ohio. OSU campus high st.

  2. Pingback: The Truth Denied - Is a Zombie Apocalypse coming or is it already here?

    Fun Run Offers Spooky Amusement
    (Temecula, California)
    Zombies and humans alike are invited to join the spookiest, most fun run in the valley October 26th as the Boojum Institute hosts its family friendly “Boojum Zombie Run” to benefit experiential education.
    “Human” runners are chased by “Zombie” participants through an entertaining and “infested” course while wearing three flags around their waists, such as in flag football. Once a runner loses all three flags to Zombies, he or she becomes “infected” and must reach a mock triage area for de-contamination.
    The 5k run will navigate down zombie-infested trails, through spooky tunnels and over obstacles to reach the safety of a triage area. There will be specific “safe” areas where Zombies are unable to chase participants or take any life flags. There will be a series of man-made and natural obstacles that may be physically challenging, but not impossible. The obstacles will test runners’ strength, speed and the cooperation between runners and their fellow hopeful survivors. Runners will need to climb, crawl, duck and dive their way to the finish line while being pursued by Zombies.
    After the run, participants are invited to stay and enjoy the family friendly activities and fantastic food and beverages. Adults are invited to enjoy the beer and wine garden. The evening will culminate with a showing of ParaNorman which will be shown in a park-like setting on a 25ft outdoor movie screen. The movie is free with registration.
    The event is staged to benefit Boojum Institute for Experiential Education, which serves youth in Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange counties. “We do this by reaching students in meaningful ways,” said Kurt Merrill, Executive Director. “We are fostering positive peer relationships, building self-confidence and teaching environmental stewardship by connecting individuals with nature and each other through a shared hands-on experience in the out-of-doors.”
    Event Details: The Boojum family friendly Zombie Run will be held at Galway Downs, 38801 Corrallitos Rd., Temecula from 2:00 to 10:00 p.m. Human runners (those being chased) are $30; Zombie runners (those doing the chasing) are $50—please note: there are a limited number of Zombies accepted. Early Registration is recommended! Zombies can either come in costume, or utilize on site makeup artists.
    Kids under 10 are just $10 each and a family pack is $65, which includes tickets for two adults and two children. No Zombies are allowed in the family pack. Runners under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
    Weapons or mock weapons, pets, off-site food, alcohol or drinks are not allowed.
    Registration is now open at http://www.boojum.org . For more information, please call 951-763-4102.

  4. the peen says:

    2013 Jax Beach Zombie Crawl
    Saturday January 26, 2013
    in downtown Jacksonville Beach, Florida from 6pm through 10pm.

    Come join us at 4 of the Jax Beaches hottest bar and grills for FREE zombie shots, drink specials, tshirt giveaways, the zombie scavenger and the ultimate zombie costume contest ending it all at historic Lynchs Irish Pub.
    $10 advanced sales
    $15 day of
    For sales or info…

    Lynchs Irish Pub
    514 1st Street N 32250

    Off the Hook
    333 1st Street N 32250

    Da Big Kahuna
    528 1st Street N 32250

    Blue Water Island Grill
    205 1st Street N 32250

  5. 10/12/13 you’ll see the best Zombie Run in Ohio!

    Alum Creek State Park / beach and woods area.
    3400 Lewis Center Rd Delaware Ohio

    ADVENTURE RACE, Beer, Bands, Food and fun all day!

  6. Tap Potentio says:

    All points bulletin:

    Zombies converge at The Goodwill Bookstore (1044 Adelaide street N.

    Free professionally done henna tattoos, a hallow’s eve tarot reading, and treats.
    Before inflicting Zombie appetites on the various other parties in the forest City,
    Converge on the place to be.

    Hallow’s eve Zombie meetup
    In The Forest City, London ON Canada.

    The Place to be:

    The Goodwill Bookstore
    1044 Adelaide street N.

    Near Adelaide and cheapside
    (Close to The United Market)

    Trick or Treat……
    Pass It On!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It’s fun for all as this FREE, family friendly event welcomes zombies of all ages. Participants will meet at the El Campo Santo Cemetery on San Diego Ave. at 5:15pm and the Zombies begin to move at Sundown (6:06pm), making their way along San Diego Ave, past the famous Whaley House and throughout the State Park with the little zombies picking up “Zombie Treats” from participating restaurants and businesses along the route .

    The walk ends at the Alamo Mexican Café, where the official Zombie Walk afterparty begins. Zombies of all ages can find music, food and more fun and of course, Zombie cocktails and brews for the 21 & up zombies.

    For more information, email: events@motorcult.com or visit http://www.facebook.com/otsdzw

  8. Brandon says:

    Hello all Zombie Fans. I have cool designs and awesome T-shirts for sale. I want to help your zombie walk be a huge success, so I am offering you a chance to purchase our shirts at wholesale prices. I can have them shipped within 24 hours. Let me know if your interested and I will send you a link to all of our Zombie shirts.
    Keep calm
    Kill Zombies

  9. Sorry, meeting place is in front of Virginia beach town center fountain

  10. Friday November 9th the Hampton roads zombiewalk will kick off the Blood At The Beach convention! Some of the walking dead cast will make an appearance like Irone Singleton and Addy Miller! There will be photos, a dance(not thriller) and prizes! You must be dressed for the event the meet and greet will start at 2pm and the walk will start at 3pm Sharp. Meeting place is in front of the Virginia beach town center. Please go to the link provided and read ALL of the details before you come.

  11. jettajeffro says:

    4th Annual Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk Saturday October 27th, 2012. Website: http://www.downtownphoenix.com/zombie/

  12. Description
    One more Carcass Car Wash scheduled for 9-9-12 at the Red Cross building on 3rd Street in Terre Haute 10am-4pm. Come out and see us!!!

    We had a blast hanging out with our area youth at the Monster Masquerade Ball!!!
    Thank you Hype WAR Machine, Enemy at the Gates, and Karaoke in Paradise Key DJs Paula and David. You put on an excellent show!

    The Zombie Crew Fall Fundraiser is nearing an end, and you know what that means, right? It’s almost time for the main event!!!

    Terre Haute’s 2nd Annual Zombie Crawl – September 29th, 2012
    6pm-10pm & 10pm-3am 6th and Ohio (The Old Mace Ford Dealership)
    The Zombie Crawl has been reanimated…And revamped!! The Zombie Crawl isn’t JUST a bar walk. Not this year! Zombie Headquarters will be a family friendly festival, full of activities for Walkers ages 7 to 700, in commemoration of Zombie Pop Culture.
    Live music ~ Jugger Nott, Hype WAR Machine, Enemy at the Gates, Karaoke in Paradise Key, and an impressive list of other local musical talents will be featured throughout the evening. A list of bands that will be playing (along with the drink/meal specials available) at each participating venue will be featured on our CRAWL MAP and distributed to each event participant. All of our Sponsors will be featured here as well, as long as Logo IDs have been submitted by the deadline (9-23-12). We are working out the details with Melinda from WMGI for a commercial spot and to have Storm from the Zombie Crew’s new favorite Modern Rock Station X95.9 come out to the festival portion of the Crawl. They gave us a really thoughtful PSA the other night, and we are excited to work with them! Mika Brown of Modern Beat Productions masterminded a Zombie Movie Montage that will showcase our Sponsors on a big screen at the THZC Festival. If you aren’t able to transform yourself at home, The Zombification Booth will INFECT you at event gates! We have several seasoned Special Effects Artists available, and will be providing a free Zombification Workshop prior to the event for any volunteers who want to learn some new sick makeup tricks. A cash prize Costume Contest for the 21 and under crowd will take place, center stage, at 9:30pm. The crowd will choose the winner by level of applause. Several of our sponsors have donated a variety of door prizes (to be announced). And most importantly, our Zombieteers have been working very hard the past three months on a few top secret projects that the crowd is sure to love. We are building carnival games, free for the kids and there will be food available for purchase. Much more awaits you at the 2nd Annual Terre Haute Zombie Crawl! The Bar Walk portion of the Zombie Crawl will start at 10pm. The CRAWL MAP will help you navigate through downtown Terre Haute. Each Participating Establishment has creative control over their venues during the Crawl, so make sure to check them all out to see which one is the best. We are going to take a poll to see which venue is our attendees’ favorite! All proceeds from Terre Haute Zombie Crawl and all foregoing events of the Zombie Crew Fall Fundraiser Series will be donated to the American Red Cross of the Wabash Valley. Our founder Amanda Taylor has a deep, personal appreciation for the Red Cross and all of our co-founders and Zombieteers are donating their time and effort for free to make THZC 2012 the best in the MidWest!
    Customized Tickets Packages $5 -$40
    ’ Basically Dead $5 — includes registration fee and wristband.
    ’ Preferred Brain $20 — includes registration fee, choice of event T-shirt or zombification and wristband.
    ’ V.I.Z. (Very Important Zombie) $40 — includes registration fee, event T-shirt, wristband and zombification by local make-up artist.

    For more information, including sponsorship, volunteer, and vendor agreements; Contact Amanda Taylor or Terry Miller of Moore Photography (812) 232-6816 or visit us at http://www.Facebook.com/terrehautezombiecrawl

  13. Craig says:

    Hello there. My name is Craig, I am the Match Director for an upcoming Zombie Event on September the 8th in SW. Ontario. I am hosting a firearms shooting competition that involves participants to shoot three different fireams at varying paper and steel reactive targets. We try to use paper Zombie targets and recreate different Zombie scenrios. It would be very cool to have a bunch of Zombies walking around the range proper while the match is going on. Obviously, you would not be on the shooting ranges themselves, but milling around the spectators, and buildings etc..
    Here is a link to my gunclub:
    And also another link to the largest firearms forum in canada:
    My alias on the thread is 7.62mm
    If people would like to attend, please contact me!

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Craig,

      Sounds like fun. I agree it would certainly add to the ambiance of the event and make it a little more fun for the shooters. I’m particularly happy that the zombies won’t be shambling around on the range – who could resist the moving targets as opposed to the paper ones? For the zombies, it certainly would add some excitement and thrill to a zombie walk. Glad you’re having the event – when the apocalypse happens, we’ll need those seasoned shooters…


  14. Kevin says:

    Don’t know of one yet, but if someone does it would be awesome if Dallas, TX would have another zombie walk this year. It’s become my tradition and I would honestly feel empty this year if there is no zombie walk in Dallas, TX.

  15. stitch blue says:

    There is a zombie walk with Michael Rooker, Madison lintz, Addy Miller
    It starts at 2pm in town center vs beach
    You MUST be dressed for the occasion

    [Here's a link: http://www.facebook.com/events/226686690744566/

  16. There’s a zombie walk in Maryland on Saturday.


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