Wellington, New Zealand now has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan

The city council of the capital of New Zealand has come up with an emergency plan to deal with the coming zombie apocalypse. The plan is based on best practices from overseas but also relies heavily on facts from the movie Shaun of the Dead. The plan includes official government responses, although they do ask citizens to handle the first line of defense, and the plan even includes instructions for the proper disposal of zombie corpses.

It seems that after some local zombie enthusiasts staged a large example zombie apocalypse, the council got right on making the plan, called ZAP. I suppose they came up with the plan to avoid someone using the Freedom of Information Act to see if the government was prepared, like what happened to the Leicester City Council in Great Britain.  Stuff.co.nz has an interview with the zombie experts who staged the apocalypse.

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One Response to Wellington, New Zealand now has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan

  1. Zombie says:

    Raggrahghhh Raghhhhhhh RrraaghhhhshahAA nom nom nom slurp


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