Zombie Apocalypse Prediction Date – ZAPD

With all of the strange news lately – cannibalism, raged-out people throwing intestines and chewing attacks, the media is alive with talk of the coming zombie apocalypse. This has moved the zombie apocalypse prediction date very close, less than a year out. Usually, this much zombie activity on the Internet happens only as Halloween nears.

If this were an actual zombie apocalypse, this is how it would start – seemingly random events of crazy attacks, government denial, and most importantly, people seeking news and advice on search engines. The ZAPD formula is based on this kind of information.

We all know the zombie apocalypse is coming, but when?  WeZombie is proud to announce the Zombie Apocalypse Prediction Date which will estimate the date and time that the apocalypse will become pandemic.  Is it accurate?  Is it perfect?  Probably not, but it’s a good start towards providing a measurement for planning for that eventual moment.  The date will change based on the prevailing current events, zombie popularity, zombie merchandise costs, and other factors so that we can get a feeling for whether we are getting closer or further away from the eventual zombie apocalypse.  Once we have sufficient historical data we’ll be able to predict trends that will aid in the discussions for planning.

The ZAPD will always be in the upper right corner of all the WeZombie pages, and is updated daily.  How is the prediction date calculated?

Here’s a definition of the variables:

This is the # of search results across three search engines for zombie apocalypse

This is the # of search results across three search engines for zombie

This is the advertiser per dollar cost of the word zombie on google adsense

This is the # of search results for news stories involving zombies

This is the # that would indicate an epidemic of news stories involving zombies

This is a fudge factor I can use to shorten the apocalypse date.  It is currently not in use, as it’s value is 0 and it does not change the equation’s results.  However, I may use it in the future because as I look out my window at the people walking by I sometimes see zombies.  As I see more of this happening I may need to shorten the apocalypse date.  I won’t give my address, but I will say that people that walk by here look more like zombies every day, so this F factor may need to be factored into the equation in the future.

Above and to the right of the date is an arrow indicating the trend compared to yesterday:

The zombie apocalypse prediction date is now earlier than previously predicted

The zombie apocalypse prediction date is now later than previously predicted

The zombie apocalypse prediction date is remaining steady

If you would like to add the Zombie Apocalypse Prediction Date to your web site, here is the code.  It will update automatically each day:

<a href=”http://wezombie.com/zombie-apocalypse-prediction-date-zapd/”><img src=”http://wezombie.com/images/zapd.jpg” id=”zapd” height=”135″ width=”162″ border=”0″ alt=”We Zombie – Zombie Apocalypse Prediction Date”><script type=”text/javascript”>document.getElementById(‘zapd’).src = document.getElementById(‘zapd’).src + ‘?u=’ + new Date().valueOf();</script></a>

View all Historical Predictions

04/01/13 – Mar. 30, 2014 7:40 PM
04/02/13 – Mar. 27, 2014 6:06 PM
04/03/13 – Mar. 29, 2014 3:15 PM
04/04/13 – Apr. 2, 2014 8:52 AM
04/05/13 – Apr. 3, 2014 12:59 PM
04/06/13 – Mar. 27, 2014 11:30 AM
04/07/13 – Mar. 30, 2014 4:49 AM
04/08/13 – Apr. 3, 2014 9:53 AM
04/09/13 – Mar. 22, 2014 1:42 PM
04/10/13 – Apr. 4, 2014 7:35 PM
04/11/13 – Apr. 11, 2014 9:28 AM
04/12/13 – Apr. 05, 2014 2:44 PM
04/13/13 – Mar. 30, 2014 3:56 AM
04/14/13 – Apr. 5, 2014 7:39 PM
04/15/13 – Apr. 10, 2014 10:42 PM
04/16/13 – Apr. 15, 2014 1:08 PM
04/17/13 – Apr. 21, 2014 9:21 AM
04/18/13 – Apr. 11, 2014 11:56 PM
04/19/13 – Apr. 10, 2014 6:33 AM
04/20/13 – Apr. 13, 2014 2:11 AM
04/21/13 – Apr. 18, 2014 7:30 PM
04/22/13 – Apr. 20, 2014 6:05 PM
04/23/13 – Apr. 22, 2014 4:44 PM
04/24/13 – Apr. 30, 2014 8:48 PM
04/25/13 – Apr. 24, 2014 1:32 AM
04/26/13 – Apr. 28, 2014 9:24 AM
04/27/13 – Apr. 22, 2014 5:29 PM
04/28/13 – Apr. 30, 2014 7:26 PM
04/29/13 – Apr. 26, 2014 6:15 AM
04/30/13 – Apr. 24, 2014 4:48 AM
05/01/13 – Apr. 18, 2014 5:14 PM
05/02/13 – Apr. 28, 2014 5:31 PM
05/03/13 – Mar. 25, 2014 3:03 AM
05/04/13 – Apr. 1, 2014 5:12 AM
05/05/13 – Apr. 18, 2014 2:41 PM
05/06/13 – Apr. 2, 2014 6:17 AM
05/07/13 – Mar. 18, 2014 8:22 PM
05/08/13 – Apr. 5, 2014 5:48 PM
05/09/13 – Apr. 12, 2014 2:17 AM
05/10/13 – Apr. 30, 2014 4:23 PM
05/11/13 – May 3, 2014 11:31 AM
05/12/13 – May 16, 2014 6:22 AM
05/13/13 – May 7, 2014 1:05 PM
05/14/13 – May 15, 2014 3:36 PM
05/15/13 – May 21, 2014 7:14 AM
05/16/13 – Jun. 10, 2014 6:22 PM
05/17/13 – Jul. 23, 2014 8:55 AM
05/18/13 – Jun. 27, 2014 4:13 AM
05/19/13 – Jul. 3, 2014 3:46 AM
05/20/13 – Jul. 11, 2014 7:42 PM
05/21/13 – Jul. 2, 2014 5:50 AM
05/22/13 – Jul. 9, 2014 2:12 AM
05/23/13 – Jul. 29, 2014 1:32 PM
05/24/13 – Jul. 20, 2014 3:17 AM
05/25/13 – Jul. 16, 2014 12:11 PM
05/26/13 – Jul. 30, 2014 10:14 AM
05/27/13 – Jul. 12, 2014 3:47 PM
05/28/13 – Jul. 23, 2014 2:10 AM

Update – July 8, 2011.  Signs of the zombie apocalypse are staying relatively stable. New stats are posted on the statistics page, and it looks like May 26 is still the projected date.

Update – May 19, 2011.  We have almost a year of daily zombie apocalypse prediction dates compiled.   I’ve posted some new statistics and a graph on the statistics page, but so far it still looks like May 26 is the magic date.  It amazes me how this random formula based on search engine results keeps pointing to May 26 – somewhere around the year 2014 or 2015 for the zombie apocalypse.

Update – December 12, 2010.  My hope was that after the Halloween holiday, the zombie apocalypse date would start moving back out, and indeed it has.  The popularity of zombies this past Halloween moved the date very close – only a year away, but the date has been returning to around 3 years out, so we still have time to prepare.  I’ve posted some new statistics and a graph on the statistics page.

Update – October 25, 2010. Don’t worry – even though the zombie apocalypse prediction  date has moved into the year 2013 for the first time, I think this is a temporary trend. Much of the change in news and search requests on the Internet regarding the apocalypse are due to zombies being popular for costumes and decorations for the Halloween holiday. My hope is that after the holiday, the date will move back out.  If it doesn’t, well then perhaps we should pay attention to all those predictions about the year 2012.

Update – October 15, 2010. The zombie apocalypse prediction date has moved much closer – for the first time the date has moved into the year 2015.  I hope this is an anomaly and not a sign of things to come.

Update – September 1, 2010. We’re still updating the zombie apocalypse prediction date every day, and the date has been hovering around the years 2020 and 2021.  Last month saw a decrease of about 6 years until the apocalypse comes.  Some interesting statistics have been generated and are available on a recent post.

Update – August 14, 2010. In the past week, the zombie apocalypse prediction date has been steadily moving closer – it is now in the year 2021 for the first time. There has been a large increase in the number of news stories related to zombies, and search inquires containing the terms “zombie apocalypse” have increased. The formula for the ZAPD has not changed, and the fudge factor F is still 0 and is not being used.

Update – August 5, 2010.  Today the zombie apocalypse prediction date moved a lot closer – into the year 2024 for the first time since WeZombie started tracking the coming apocalypse.  There has been a large increase in the number of news stories related to zombies, particularly in the UK, and this has caused the date to move a lot closer.

Update – July 21, 2010.  Strange.  Google’s search result count for the word zombie jumped by 14 million in one day.  At the same time, the search result count for zombie apocalypse increased by only 100 thousand.  This means that the percent of chatter related to zombies contain less talk of the zombie apocalypse.  For for first time, the zombie apocalypse prediction date has moved out into the year 2028.  This is probably a good thing, but those of you waiting for the zombie horde’s arrival will be disappointed

Update - July 9, 2010 marks the first day that the zombie apocalypse prediction date has moved into the year 2025.  The zombie hordes will be here sooner than we think.

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208 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse Prediction Date – ZAPD

  1. uncertain mother says:

    I have a 2 month old son I don’t technically want to believe this could happen for the fear of my child being hurt but i also understand that our government is a fucked up mess and will try absolutely anything more or less we are ALL experiments so anything is possible and from what i’ve heard didn’t they manage to bring a dog back to life?? Anyway my question being how do you protect yourself and your children especially an infant they do make noise and lots of it and on top of that if they get this gun ban passed and take away our weapons aren’t we pretty much fucked?

  2. Deathwish says:

    In all seriousness, the Zombie Apocolypse-if it does happen- will be because of our government scientists. They are creating neuro-technology that will restore dead brain cells and other dead cells. The neuro-technology will keep restoring cells, even after we have died. That is were the problem comes to work in. We will have dead people walking around, which we’ve come to call, “Zombies”. I do know this for a fact because my mother used to work as a scientist for the government. You don’t have to believe me. I understand tht such a myth is hard to believe. I just ask that you consider it may happen.

  3. xombiebasher says:


    • Deathwish says:

      You are right. But in one way, its is like a movie or video game, you need to shoot them in the head because thats were most of the cells are being restored. It doesn’t kill them, it slows them down.

  4. Nicole Dilley says:

    I’m 13 and i’ve been preparing for this for 1 and a half so i’m ready to bash some undead skulls.

    • Briar says:

      Hey im 13 too and ive been preparing for a zombie apocalypse since i was 8. (im not crazy!!!!) Anyway its better to be safe than sorry and i got my baseball bat and im ready to kill some zombies! GIRLS RULE!!!!

      • stephen phillips says:

        I am 14 . I have been preparing for the past couple of years now. I understand that we will never know ifbin fact it will happen. But i am not going to sit back and watch it come without being prepared. I am a red belt in marshul arts and a trainer . Ibut to be completely down to Earth. We can never know the edzact condistions of the impending doom. You must be prepared for anything. ping me if u need any guide lines.

    • Jordan says:

      Hey, im 16 and i have been preparing for this for about 4 years mad a plan that could and will work. all i have been doing was waking up really early and prefecting this plan and ik it will work. if you need or want to know what my plan was just ask and i will provide my plan.

  5. ur crazy says:

    you people are insane… fucking crazy. you people should get help

    • alan says:

      you say that now but who is the first person you run to when it happens. i hope i’m crazy i hope it doesn’t happen. never hurts to be ready

    • xombiebasher says:

      were so insane go to CDC.GOV and type in zombie apocalypse and see how insane we really are

    • camron says:

      its science not vodoo or nothin like that just face reality its going to happen you goin need help when yo ass in a wheel, chair, cane or crutches do your research

  6. jamie says:

    people you all are nuts you will have no chance they will be as strong as people would be today you need ranged weapons and the guys talking about turning a car into a tank good luck haha. try turning a bus into an assault truck you want people min- 6 max- 30 no more otherwise food will be a huge issue and none of you up there are talking about what you need for preparing (READ THIS PEOPLE!!!!) try collect as many guns as you can find aswell as ammo you can put them in your safe house as such good places with 30 people to go is ( prisons, malls ‘with durable windows’, abandoned army bases, a freighter ship) the place i would go is a mall you have loads of different ways to run if they get in and think about the ammount of supplies in the mall you could build up the windows with wood and stuff some malls have gun shops (for the U.S i recommend going to Walmart for weapons, for U.K go to lakeside mall (i live u.k and that’s were i’ll be going so if you go there look out for me and dont kill me please haha well see ya there people

    • Nick says:

      They actually won’t be as strong as us. Their bodies will be decomposing in the process and they will have little-to-no muscle tissue, reducing their strength. You make a good point will guns and ammo but don’t forget about knives, machete’s, bows and arrows, swords, and other weapons like that. Also Costco would probably be a good bet to stay camped at. Mostly because at my Costco there is a gate that comes down and blocks the door, there is also a lot of food and clothes also.

  7. johnC says:

    hey im only 14 and Iv started to hear rumours around new zealand about an apocalypse happening and i did some research and the next due date is the 21/12/12
    i am ready for this

    • jamie says:

      hi u are proberly not prepared for what u think is going to happen if it happens on that date ( most likely will because the average increase of ‘spasticated cannibal attacks’ is increasing 12.34% a day and even the army’s have started training u should think about preparing in the long term like, shredded paper to start fire easily, lighters, matches, tinned food, message me on my email if you want to ask about more stuff i know a bit i 16 ok hope this helped, ish lol

  8. Zombieluvr(Yeah btw. Ima girl.) says:

    I hope it starts. ive been preparing for awhile now. Im only 13. I hope my plan works. Im going to get all of the weapons out of my house. (im asking my mom for these fucking awesome swords for christmas witch i knot shes gnna buy them). Then im gnna go get my best friend. we are focusing on saving as many people as possible who are not infected. we r going to drive down to illinois saving people on the way. we are going to my cousins house and going in his semi’s that he owns. then we will fight this through and hopefully survive. we have all of the supplies and weapons we need. Any suggestions on what to add to my plan???

    • Nick says:

      Just a suggestion: Don’t have too many people. Sure bigger is better but that also means more mouths to feed, which means less food, which means less protein, which means you’re getting weaker, which means you’re more prone to disease and illnesses.

    • stephen phillips says:

      A plan B .

  9. John says:

    Well the fact is ZOMBIES ARE REAL there might not be an apocalypse but still be
    Perpared. First I’m only 10 but you won’t need a license in an apocalypse! I’d pick up any survivers that I find then head down to the car dealers. Then I would find a place good enough for the night. Right at the start of the day I head down to a gun shop or a place that sells weapons like axes, knifes, anything I can find. After that, the group
    Would loot stores for anything useful that we could find. After that Id would mod the car to be A FUCKING TANK. Then as the last thing we could do is to find a nice, safe place , fort-a-fie a place to stay long term. Until the apocalypoc is over we’d try to stay put. We would still try to loot some places look for more survivers and stuff, but if it is never ending LET GOD HELP US.

    • Chris says:

      Honestly bro? Mod a car to a tank? When the pandemic starts people will be rioting and looting like Humanity’s never seen, wide spread panic, crime rate through the roof, the whole bit. For the first bit of the Apocalypse, Humans would be much more of a threat then the Undead. Going to a car dealership or a gun store, fuck a goddamn walmart even, would get your ass killed. Gangs will take advantage of the lawlessness and will more then likely go from door to door, street to street, stealing kidnapping and raping everything. I suggest the Zombie Survival Guide, its an eye opener to what you would ACTUALLY wanna do in this event. My suggestion, would be to lay EXTREMELY low until the stupid fuckwits sort themselves out, and zombies become the true threat.

  10. zombiegirl1001 says:

    I love math!!!

  11. phil says:

    Its only a matter of time, but it seams like time is all we have left. The goverment have been hiding huge amount of discoveries and things thay belive we the public cant deal with, while we (un)willingly pay for the research, the biological testing and the facilaties in use are not gonna hold the containment long!

    • ZombieApocalypseSurvivor says:

      I can’t wait for the Zombie Apocalypse! I am ready for it! I am in school right now, and all I think about is the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Please God make it start?

      • Nick says:

        I am also very excited but let’s be honest here. Most people are ready but not FULLY ready, we’re never fully ready for the Apocalypse.

        • stephen phillips says:

          You can say your ready physicaly with supplies weapons and friends. But no one can ever mentaly be ready unless u have a lack of remorse (like me) but still with this. Some people will never be ready to watch a loved one be torn apart by the undead. You my physicaly be ready but being mentaly ready you can never acheave.

      • Ethan says:

        Just wait for the nukes then you will be happy it started

  12. Mjoll says:

    Even if zombies happened to rule the earth they wouldn’t ‘eat’ anyone!The origin of the zombie is actully quite real but media has added stupidity along the way. Media has intwined Canniblisim along with Zombisim.The real zombies weren’t dead or infected nor did they eat anyone;Back when witch doctors were around,these people were given some freaky deaky medicine causing them to go pale,have blood drip from the ears,eyes,nose and mouth and groan and moan.They died later.They are similar EXCEPT for the brain eating and rising from the dead and the random state of decomp. on its body.Dont freak out guys and if you do please go to Antartica so you can freeze and free the world of nut jobs.

  13. Future zombie slayer says:

    Wat I would do is keep myself alive with a few friend (6 or 7), for at least 2 months after the zombies attack, of course with weapons and things like that, I would also think it would be nessessary to have a long sword for if we run out of ammo, then we would go and stock up on food, ammo, and water, then we would get a bus, a giant gasoline truck, and a van with alot of space, after that we would go look for other survivers and make plans with the others 2, btw if there is alot of survivors, I recommend staying in groups of 15 or lower, to many ppl is to much responsibility

  14. Felix Bravo says:

    I believe there fonna put a chip in us that has the virul leading to wars then apocalypse to lower the popularity of human. And people we can’t trust websites like this they tomigt try too fool us with wrong dates.

  15. BobZombie says:

    Im obsessed woth zombies, and i wouldnt lke an apocalypse. Family and friends would be i n pain. If the outbreak stopped, you would be scarred for life. As fun as it sounds, it wont happen and i wouldnt like it. Thats what movies and video games are for. =)

  16. Admiar says:

    I hope this zombie apocolipse does happen i have drempt of the day i have been preparing since i was 10 i just wonder what they will be like.Fast or slow? death or strong hearing? Smart or stupide? have a sence of touch or not? and so on.

  17. melissa says:

    i beleve this shit

  18. danny says:

    listen this whole calculating the zombie apocalypse is ridiculous looking at how many times you can find the word “zombie” or “zombie apocalypse doesn’t make sense at all. because the as time goes on they will be making making more movies, people will be making more websites like this one and you cant calculate when a freaking outbreak is going to happen by the popularity of the word zombie, if the zombie apocalypse actually happens and its very very unlikely but if it does its gonna be because of some retarded scientists trying to mix rabies mad cow disease and leprosy and there is no way to see when thats gonna happen but stilll be ready at any time for an attack and it probably wont be zombies it could be terrorists sycopaths or just a thief that wants your stuff. if you only prepare for slow moving mindless zombies in your life your screwed because there are lots of other things out there that can kill you

    • Lillie says:

      My mum knows a way of stopping the zombie attack but if her plan fails then im going to need a way of saving me. Can u people help me find a good way of killing zombies?

      • Taylor says:

        Destroy the Head,Kill long range to avoid bites,If this is a spreading desease then Get bit and you can say gameover

      • zombieslayer99 says:

        either cut the fuckers heads off or shoot them in the head thats the only way to kill them. if there is just one around and is coming after u you would want to make it silent so u dont attract more because if u do ur fucked also learn how to fire a gun!!!

    • xXricktofenXx says:

      Would it be nice to hit the walmart worker in the head with a golf club while he is unlocking the guns for you to look at and take the keys and guns and ammo?

  19. ryan says:

    dude that formula is pretty complicated.

  20. Apollo says:

    Fuck you all Zombies are coming BEWARE!!!!! few hours later……….BRAINZ!!!!!

  21. Austyn says:

    Zombies will at least put out maybe now I can get laid. Would that make me a necropheliac?

  22. RAY says:


  23. RAY says:


    • ZPOC Team says:


    • zombieslayer99 says:

      its ok ZPOC team. ray will be one of the first to die cuz he wont be ready for it haha

    • Phantom Typer says:

      Okay, calm your tits. No need for so much caps and exclamation marks…what’s the worst you can do with that? Caps and Exclamation to death? Now get your head out of your ass and stop being ignorant. Okay? Okay. Some of us believe in this “shit” and if you don’t, then don’t fucking read the article.
      Thank you, shop again.
      And happy apocalypse.

      • GennellandPeter says:

        Everybody is entitled to there own opinion, you don’t have to believe that this stuff is actually going to happen, I personally would not like to believe it because i will admit, THEY SCARE ME HALF TO DEATH, JUST THE THOUGHT OF IT SCARES ME, but so much has happened in this crazy beautiful world, so maybe we just might experience what it feels like to be in a Zombie movie one day…..we will never know, till then, keep playing your Slayer games because i guarantee you all are 40 year old men still stuck in fairy tale land playing Pokemon and playing with your WarCraft cards!!!

        • stephen phillips says:

          Just dont mind him. Once it comes down to it and he is unprepared . He will die with the lot of them

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  25. anthony says:

    i have a feeling its goin to start on nov 12th 2012

    • Austyn says:

      Your adopted

    • zombieslayer99 says:

      hey well u were wrong dipshit

    • GennellandPeter says:

      Well it’s February 20th, 2013, so what day are you predicting now? Lol this is all just purely ridiculous. If it happens it happens, your entitled to your opinion on what you think and i am not judging anyone who thinks they know a thing or 2 about zombies, but predicting when the day is gonna be is just stupid nonsense, no one will EVER know when that day is. 99.9% of scientist predict dates and half the time are wrong, just let this shit happen when it happens, until then have fun with this whole study. :)

  26. CJ says:

    Hello Bill,

    If you have watched The walking dead then you should know that zombies do not go near farms because of the vegitation in the farm. But boy do i want to kill some zombie!!!!!……….my whole house is made up if weapons!!!

    • Austyn says:

      I remember when I had my first beer

      • GennellandPeter says:

        Hahaha, I remember the last time a person was rude like you Austyn i punched them in the face, why do people like yourself have to comment on peoples post being ignorant, if you dont like what he has to say then hop off what he thinks, your a fucking punk!!!

  27. ..... says:

    Greetings and salutations everyone. Recently my computer had gotten a….nasty virus…. which prohibited me from going on internet explorer. Thank goodness the zombie apocalypse didnt happen duing the past week or so! I wouldnt of known until half the country was infected! (Why? You may ask? Mostly because our government may decide not to allow news programs to broadcast anything about the ‘undead’ coming to life, for the first few weeks atleast.) I know, I know. “The zombie apocalypse wont ever happen” But thats your opinion and it may or may not be true. Better to be safe than sorry, eh?
    Anyway, Ive recently found my new zombie fighting weapon. Any of ya’ll ever here of a cold steel special forces shovel? ‘Things badass and Ima try to get one A.S.A.P. , both a deadly weapon and a tool to bury bodies. Well’p my zombie fightin’ friends, seems my hidin’ place has been discovered and I need to start getting a move on before my brains are nommed on. Peace out and with all respects, your friend.

  28. Mae says:

    I don’t think the zombie apocalypse would last lots of years.

    You see, on the start of the Z-poc, of course many people will get infected. As weeks and months will pass by zombies infect more & more people in different places. And there will always come a day that their ”Supply of Food” which we humans are, will be scarce. Lucky survivors obviously have their own hideouts already. So if the zombies don’t have anymore supply of ”Food” just like us humans, we will starve & die. So I think if the Z-poc will happen, it will only last 1-2 years.

    Hmm.. Better enjoy shooting zombies while we can then!

    • ..... says:

      And….Suppose the zombies dont have a “need” food? If the zombies are already dead, as many people suppose, why would they have a need for food? And even if they did the animals in our world outnumber us by lots. Im pretty sure they have a decent supply of food. Even when the animals start dying out they could just turn to eat eachother. Please. Have a decent argument when you jump to quick conclusions of he zombie invasion ending quickly. Your respects, and your zombie-loving friend. Me.

    • Nick says:

      I think it will last quite a long time, think of how many people there is in the world. It will probably last more than a few years, but I am not sure.

  29. ...... says:

    When I came on and saw it was in 2012 I nearly shat my pants, although if it gets down to 2011 I may start laughing my ass off.

  30. ..... says:

    Also, Ive been thinking after reading some comments from longer ago. How would the zombie apocalypse start exactly? Well I predict that its going to turn out to be a rapid mutation of the rabies virus to the point that humans can get infected by it. Pretty much the same thing right? Anyway, if I turn out to be correct in anyway the zombies will pretty much be your standard running zombies that die from hits to any areas that would kill a human. This in all rights is the best bet the zombie apocalypse has of arising. The chances of a zombie like disease/virus/infection popping up over night are HIGHLY unlikely, probably less likely than the sun blowing up tomorrow! Anyway back to planning, better to be safe than sorry, right? Peace.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey there,

      You’re probably right – won’t happen overnight – we’ll see a buildup of incidents over a period of a couple of weeks. As far as a kill shot, that depends on the virus – it could mutate the body to the point that the other organs aren’t important, essentially leaving an animated dead body.


    • Overlord says:

      Well, i’ve got a theory,

      I think the zombie-virus is already under making, getting created by humans as I write, and someday soon, they will have completed it, at that time, they will send sombody to every large coty in the world, and releasing the virus around the cities at the same time..

      And if they can do that, I bet that they can also make it so that every organ they need will be made inside the body, or moved up, to the brain (Taking about 30 minutes before turning, all the time while in so much pain from your brain erasing all of itself other than the primary zombie-instincts, aswell as your organs shrinking or erasing after need.)

      Seeing how a zombie would not need a liver or such, a they are dead, they would only really need the heart to keep the blood flowing to be able to move,
      if you think that way, you can STOP a zombie from moving by draining it’s blood, but the brain is still alive.

      And this way, it COULD start over night, and by the morning there would be thousands of undead in every city..

      Best way to survive is remaining in the city (If you live in one) as most people will try to flee the city, the zombies will follow, and the city can become a giant fortress, with tons of food, drinks, fuel (If you want some), cars, hopefully there is an airport nearby..

      You could survive, have a crew of 1.000.000 and have infinite fun.

  31. ..... says:

    *Whistle* Wow, look at the years plummet down, almost like our economy. Anyway, so much for time to prepare, if it hits this early it looks liike spears and handmade bow and arrows for me!

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey there,

      This may be due to the Halloween holiday – so many more people searching for zombie material and information – this happened last year also. Heaven help us if the zombie apocalypse actually happened around Halloween – we would think it was a false alarm!


  32. ..... says:

    Yo guys, back after a short while to check up and how much and quickl Ima need to prepare and I see that its moved up a good 4 or 5 years, awesome. Thats right the time Ill have enough cash to put my plan to action. Although we may not make it till’ then since 2012 will be rolling around here pretty soon, now wouldnt that be dissapointing, for the world to end, and not even by the hands of the zombies. Id get pretty excited if the prediction starts rolling down into 2012 o.O Peace.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey there …

      Welcome back – yep -more time to prepare. Haven’t been able to figure out why the ZAPD has slipped out 3-4 years. It’s because the search results for “zombie” has way outpaced the searches for “zombie apocalypse”. This may be due to the popularity of zombies in general as the term zombie becomes a household word. We’ll have to see if the trend continues…


  33. Rayne says:

    dude, i so hope this freaking happens. I may not be fast but i’ve seen enough movies and read enough books to know a thing or two about protecting myself. I can use knives and i’m not to bad with a gun. Your right the best thing is knowledge and in this case it is so true. From my knowledge not staying in one place for to long is a good idea as you will run out of food, ammo and basically the essentials fairly rapidly depending on your location and the number of people with you. I myself would pack myself into my moms car, pick up my buddies and head to the nearest town and break into a car dealership for better rides. This way i know it’s new and durable and i can modify it whenever and wherever i find convenient to my needs and cause. Next thing i’m doin is stoppin by the best loved Wal*Mart. I can stock up on duffle bags which will provide easy means of carying lots of guns, food, ammo, maybe some books to pass the time and other things i may have already had. All of these would be placed in their own duffle bags and labeled. Then me and my gang r headin out to someplace with a boat and although this sounds weird i’m makin us go into the dang bremuda triangle. there is bound to be an island in the middle of all that magnetic current so we’d take a wooden boat of course. Although if we couldn’t go their i’d make my way to Alaska and camp out their as i know the wilderness from having lived their. All of the locations are subject to change at a moments notice, but feel free Bill to let me know your thoughts on this.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey Rayne,

      Nice plan. I have to say this is the first time I’ve heard of hiding out from the zombie apocalypse in the Bermuda Triangle! Brilliant! We can’t seem to find anyone there so I doubt the zombies can. I would go ahead and take a metal boat, though, and let that magnetic force draw you right to the island.


  34. Amanda says:

    Bill, don’t have a gun. safest place to hide in my house?

    • RAY says:


      • ........ says:

        RAY, just leave the comment board.

        1. Better safe than sorry.
        2. Zombies have been seen in the world before. I just get so used to saying “Learn to read!”, don’t you?
        3. If it did come this system is accurate enough to work. Mostly because it changes every day… If you don’t understand that you should just leave this website.

      • charlie says:

        you spelt exist wrong

      • But I'm The A-Hole says:

        Ray never got enough attention from his parents so he randomly goes through the internet finds sites he dont like and tries to insult or make fun of people…..if he spent half the time he did on trying to be an asshole in school…he would know how to spell Exist…Insult Fail #1

  35. Taylor says:

    AAAAH! Bill,
    Please tell me everything I should do to get prepared!

  36. Taylor says:

    I’m scared out of my mind Bill ! What if like a whole bunch of zombies come to your door and you don’t have guns? Would it be safe to lock everything and hide yourself. I mean I’d probably commit suicide if they came in but just a couple questions. I don’t know how to use a gun! Would they be fast? Or slow? Could I randomly drive away or will I be screwed as soon as I loose gas? Are zombies severely stupid? Where should I go if they do come??

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey Taylor,

      Not to worry – you don’t need a gun. Just lock yourself in and keep quiet. They’ll go away. The best way to deal with fear is knowledge. If you’re reading zombie blogs you probably already know more about zombies than most people. I don’t think you have to worry for a few years – plenty of time to get smart.


  37. .... says:

    Lol, Im not saying I hope that the zombie apocalypse will happen but I would be a bit disappointed if it didnt, Ive put alot of time and effort into my plan and I think that it would turn out O.K. for me in the end, if not then I would probably last a few years so here it is. At the moment I happen to be living in Illinois, not gonna say where. But close enough to a city. Although in the next few years myfamily and I expect to move to Phoenix, the house we are gonna move into is almost a perfect fortress, although I admit it needs tons of improvement if it would be a holdout. As for its location its in a slightly populated area, back close to a hill/mountain, we are hoping to get some solar panels installed, it has 5-6 foot fences in the back and a 2 foot fence up front, Staircase up to the roof with gate blocking the stairs, can be opened of course, and if the zombies do come I am going to try the sand charcoal thing to collect water, and if that fails I hope to try to make an agreement with our neighbor who is on the hill/mountain behind us, he generates nearly 72 gallons of water a minute. I expect him to live since he has nearly 7 foot walls surrounding his place, made of 2 foot thick concrete. MAybe we could get some radios and make an alliance, who knows. I also hope to get tents pitched up on parts of the roof that arent covered with solar panels, for lookouts, wed have to have ladders leading up to some. Now at this house the glass is designed not to break, and there is a second little house too. This could also be used as a lookout or an extra house. As you can tell it is a pretty big house in a wide open area, on the roof we could probably see everything in a mile radius, but if we got up on the garage possibly 3 mile radius. Now the garage could also be used as extra housing since it looks like it could hold a few of those city busses, it also has an extra bathroom. Now my plan to me seems pretty good so far, I would hope to gather up our neighbors that dont have very defendable houses to join our group, since this would require 20 or 30 people to make this a really defendable place. The only fault that I see is that we do not own a gun, I would hope to quickly spend almost all our money before the infection reaches our state or continent and buy 4 barret .50 cals for lookouts on the roof, 4 XM806 Lightweight .50 Caliber Machine Guns for defence and lots of single shot rifles since assault rifles are a waste of ammo, I mean if theyre the kind of zombies you have to aim for the head than sure an asault rifle is good but you need the ammo for it so single shots I think are better. In this area there are about 1000+ people so were gonna need abit of ammo, purchased along with the weapons, I would also like to get some silencers, as to not attract every single infeced in the area by just shooting one. Obviously were gonna have to learn how to use these weapons although every single one of our neighbors own and know how to use a gun(besides us, ofcourse T.T) and because of the hot weather in phoenix I expect all infected to rot and turn skeletal within a 4 or 5 month period, rate my plan if you like, and tell me what to improve on, I wanna be prepared. Peace.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey Phoenix_Soon,

      Nice plan and very comprehensive – I like it. A couple of comments:

      1 – Good idea not to tell anyone your exact location in advance – you’ll have enough trouble dealing with the Z’s without 1000 people asking for shelter because they heard about this awesome hideout.
      2 – I would add some crossbows and a good supply of arrows – they’re excellent for their accuracy and quiet – and easier to come by than silencers.
      3 – You may want to prepare for longer than 6 months. You’re correct that all the Z’s will be dead in 4-5 months, BUT – you’re assuming everyone turns at once. This probably won’t be the case because during the first few months there will be new turns all the time – fresh zombies, so to speak.

      Otherwise – great job and an awesome plan – after the zombie apocalypse if I’m in the area I’ll look you up – perhaps we can join our forces.

    • xXricktofenXx says:

      You should get a scop one of the singel shots. Cuz if you shootlong distancet the bullet will hit the zombie before the sound came. Also think on getting acouple .22 cuz there gouod for medium to close range and you could get cb rounds there really quiet and good.

  38. Brian says:

    hey bill, im 13 and am now terrified…please send me an email and tell me if this formula you made really works

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Brian,

      Not to worry. The zombie apocalypse prediction date is purely hypothetical and extremely theoretical. Who knows what the odds are of a zombie apocalypse? Nobody knows, but you’re more likely to be hit by lightning, win the lottery, become a rock star, play in the NFL, etc., than you are likely to encounter a zombie. If the odds were in favor of a zombie apocalypse, then the formula will come into play.

      One of the goals of the website is to make people aware and help them get prepared for a zombie apocalypse. Should it happen, I think most people know what to do, and the zombies probably won’t stand a chance.


  39. David says:

    Is there any way to port this over to another site? BTW, love it, freakin’ ingenious!

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi David,

      There’s code on the page for adding the image to another site – and also there is a script at the bottom of the comments that can be used to return just the current apocalypse date without the image. Have fun!


  40. Hannahn99 says:

    Hopefully, the zombies don’t come too soon, because it will take some amount of time to prepare. Not only that, but how many people will go insane and start murdering uninfected people? (Because they are afraid..) Is being in the middle of nowhere really a GOOD thing? I mean if you have a cabin of your own with safety supplies, food, water, and the shelter itself. Wouldn’t be a little safer? I mean nowhere is safe during Z day… only safer.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Hannahn99,

      Luckily we still have a couple of years to prepare. I think being out in the middle of nowhere is a good thing – holed up in a cabin – as long as you have supplies and guns. You’ll have problems with zombies and assholes both. Tin cans and string make a great perimeter alarm for both, but you’ll need to be able to deal with either threat should your alarm go off.


  41. Christopher Huff says:

    Theres no such things as zombies as entertaining as the movies are and as fun as they are to kill in games theyre not real and theres no zombie apocalypse ever, the end

  42. tanman42 says:

    this is a pretty good sistum but i see one flaw, many people consider zombies to be imposable and will think it all a joke. so only the guys who think the zompoc will happen will do the serchs, and you dont know what these zombies will be like. smart idea but theres more to facter into it.

  43. AJ says:

    what you think about all this nonsense related to the end of the world in May 21, 2011?

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey there AJ,

      Well, I sure hope they’re wrong, because I don’t want to miss the zombie apocalypse. One thing is for sure – it will take a while for the world to end. It’s supposed to start on May 21, but they say it could take up to 5 months until the end is truly here.


  44. john says:

    im so ready for the zombie apo. i going to kick some siuiros zombie butt i got pistols shotguns and a baseball bat and a knife IM READY

  45. KantaNoKaze says:

    Hmm, any chance this could be pushed back 3 days to occur on the 7th? Happy Birthday to me. Now blow out the zombie so you can hit the zombie pinata.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hey there,

      I just checked the history and the apocalypse prediction has never hit July 7th – yet I guess. So far you won’t have to worry about zombies surprising you with their apocalypse on your birthday!


  46. Stacy says:


    • KantaNoKaze says:


  47. Charles says:

    I believe zombie apocalypse would be more likely to happen from either re-animation of the body after death or some kind of plague but i don’t see how search engine results would have anything to do with the actual zombie apocalypse.

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Charles,

      When the zombie apocalypse begins, it will largely go unnoticed by the world at first – especially if it starts in a third world country or a repressive country where information is suppressed or hidden. People will begin to hear rumors and out of fear will use search engines to get more information or see if the rumors are true. As the apocalypse gets under way, the search engines will be flooded with requests for information and the news sites on the net will have a plethora of stories about the outbreak. Many organizations are using search engines to mine data for current events – for example, flu outbreaks are now tracked and cataloged using search engine results as an additional tool to determine where the outbreaks occur – it has been found to be a valuable tool because where outbreaks occur there is a flood of search requests for flu symptoms, cures, care information, etc., and the geographic location of the search tells them where the outbreak is occurring. I hope to use geographic information some day to pinpoint locations of search traffic as well. Anyway, thank you very much for the post!


  48. Bret says:

    hey, do you know the chances of a zombie apocalypse occuring?

  49. Brandon says:

    I don’t understand, where do you get these dates from?

    • Bill Nelson says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Each morning, I count the number of news stories about zombies and the zombie apocalypse, and I count the number of search results returned for zombies and the zombie apocalypse. I plug these values into the formula and the result is the number of years until the zombie apocalypse. This morning, the formula returned 1.6894115300459 years, which, when added to today’s date comes out to July 15, 2012 at 7:44 PM.


  50. Alfonso says:

    Hi! Any chance you could provide a separate script that returns only the date? I would provide a credit link elsewhere on the page. Please email me for specifics.

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