Zombie Apocalypse Safe House

This house, outside of Warsaw, Poland was designed by the architectural firm KWK Promes in Poland and actually called the Safe House.  At the push of a button, electric motors will raise the drawbridge, close the concrete barrier windows, and roll down a steel door, in essence completely securing the house.  In order for an intruder to get inside, he

would need to break a series of security codes, and even then, he would find himself in a corridor surrounded by concrete walls until someone let him into the house.  I don’t think zombies could do that so this is the place to be when the zombie apocalypse comes.  There are lots of pictures on the firm’s site, as well as at designboom, which has more info on the house.

Information on the residents  is not being talked about, but they seem ready for the zombies.

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3 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse Safe House

  1. T.R. says:

    this design assumes that the power grid would still be up. Everything from nuclear reactors to wind turbines need maintainance and I doubt the undead horde will oblige.

    • ..... says:

      Well actually, looking closely at the last picture shown there does appear to be some solar panels on the roof and the possibility of them having a gas power generator is quite likely since they seem to be in the woods. Also, if they’re this worried about their security they are almost sure to have some kind of automatic/semi automatic weaponry on the inside. I would have to agree that these people are very prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

      • Bill Nelson says:

        Hey there,

        If I remember right, I read somewhere that there is actually a power plant on-site. Also, I read that if someone breaches the outer wall, they are then trapped in a small walled corridor with nowhere to go. Pretty cool.


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