Zombie Gunship – Simple and Fun

MacWorld Australia just posted a review of Zombie Gunship, an iOS game from Limbic Software (maker of Tower Madness), and it looks pretty cool. In the game, you are flying in a gunship endlessly circling over a devastated humanity, watching over a bunker holding what is left of the human race. Survivors on the ground are trying to make it to the bunker and your job is to kill the zombie hordes that are chasing them across the landscape.

There’s something compelling about the low-res, black and white, grainy night-vision like view that you have from the air – much like looking through a security camera. There are no levels, but you earn coins which you use to upgrade weapons. There are several videos and instructions out there for hacking the game which seems to me like spoiling the challenge and making the game boring. Anyway, for a buck – it’s worth checking out.

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