Zombie Infection Calculator

Something that everyone should know – and perhaps it should be required to laminate the results and carry them in your purse or wallet – because you never know when you will be given that look from friends and relatives after you’ve become contaminated.  My Zombie Bite Infection TimeIt becomes a very suspicious waiting game.  If you can show your calculated zombie infection time, and the time has sufficiently passed, they may let you live – although you will still be watched.  The Oatmeal.com has a cool zombie infection time calculator on the site.

Take a moment to answer a few questions and find out how long you will have to wait after contamination before anyone will trust you once that day comes (let’s hope you are smarter than that).

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2 Responses to Zombie Infection Calculator

  1. Bill Nelson says:

    Well, provided we got bit at the same time, we could party together for about an hour – but you would be one across the table with a beer in your left hand and the shotgun in your right!

  2. Kyle Billups says:

    “You’d last 1 hour and 29 minutes before becoming infected!”

    Since I’ll last 22 minutes longer, either I’ll have to:

    Take your head
    Prepare/tap a beer keg because in 22 minutes…party time

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