Zombie University – Coming to a School Near You

This is surely a sign of the coming apocalypse – many universities are starting to offer courses in zombie studies at the undergraduate level.  The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the University of Baltimore will be offering an ENGL 333 course in which students will study zombies through the watching of 16 zombie movies and reading zombie comics throughout the semester.  The course is being taught by Dr. Arnold Blumberg, who authored Zombiemania, and curator of a local entertainment museum.

The text of the course in the university catalog reads: CMAT 333/ENGL 333 Media Genres (3) Analysis of the patterns and conventions of a specific type of media program (e.g.,Western, science fiction, situation comedy), media artist (e.g., Hitchcock, Allen, Capra) or style (e.g., film noir). Course may be repeated for credit when topic changes. Laboratory fee required. I can only imagine what type of activities occur in the lab!

The Times goes on to mention that Columbia college has been teaching a course on zombies for years called Zombies in Popular Media, and Simpson College in Iowa has a three week intensive writing course class the The History of the Zombie War, in which students write a book during the course.  In fact, they are raising money to print the book and have successfully raised over 3 times the amount they needed.

It’s pretty cool that so many people are learning about zombies because when the apocalypse comes, the more educated people are the better off we will all be…

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