Zombies vs. Humans – Not Banned at Wesleyan University

Wesleyan H vs. Z Facebook page

I posted several days ago about how Kansas State University banned the playing of the zombies vs. humans game on their campus, citing safety and their campus reputation as reasons (among others). It’s good to see that not everyone has lost their campus spirit – the Wesleyan University campus news just announced that their annual zombies vs. humans game starts tomorrow. Last year’s game lasted two weeks with about 250 students participating. The Wesleyan Argus has a great article explaining the game on their website. I think it’s interesting that if you check the campus calendar there are three campus tours for new students tomorrow on the very day the game kicks off  – this was one of the reasons K-State banned the game – oh my goodness, what would new students think if they saw that going on?

“Zombies Versus Humans was easily the coolest thing I did my freshman year,” said Sam Barth ’13, this year’s organizer. “Its such an awesome campus event in the way it takes a regular day on campus and makes it that much more exciting. You’re walking around, going about your business, but you’re a little panicked and always thinking on your toes. It breaks up the daily routine in such a fun way.”

The cool thing is, when the zombie apocalypse comes, these several hundred students will have a head start on survival having been through the simulation and learning what to do.  The game’s website has rules and will post updates on the game’s status.

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