Zomblog, by T.W. Brown – Book Review

Zomblog is a couple of years old, and there is a sequel, Zomblog II, that is out now.  I can’t wait to read the second book, because I found the first one outstanding.   Sam is employed delivering newspapers in the middle of the night, and begins to see and hear strange things happening – things that are signs that the world is falling apart.  His daughter works at a hospital and also is seeing patients coming in with strange symptoms – probably a virus.  In a matter of days, things go to hell, and Sam is alone and trying to survive the zombie apocalypse – he decides to record his experience in a blog format in the hope that someone will read it and understand what is happening.

Sam makes his way to a Wal-Mart distribution center near Banks, Oregon, and find other survivors trying to make sense of the new world order.  He meets many people, but feels that life in the center is nothing more than a prison and he wants to travel east to Idaho or Wyoming to find a better life.  Several survivors decide to join him in a quest to travel and take their chances out there, rather than try to live in a warehouse for the rest of their lives.  Sam blogs as he travels, and there are many adventures along the way.

Zomblog makes no excuses for the sad state of humanity that is encountered along the way – it seems that a disaster like a zombie apocalypse brings out the worst in people.  You will be shocked by what you read, dismayed at what people are capable of, and you will feel for the survivors as if you were experiencing this for yourself.  I feel that the scenarios presented in the book are plausible and actually probably likely to occur, but yet it’s hard to think about these things actually happening.

This is not a lighthearted, humorous book – it presents a future where society and government is broken, and it is every man for himself.  If you believe in the goodness of man and human nature, you should read this book – it will change your mind.  I think the story that unfolds in Zomblog is perhaps unfortunate, but yet the story is probably life as we would know it during the zombie apocalypse.  The narrative format make the book hard to put down, and there is a surprise towards the end of the book that helps to make it all seem more real.  I definitely recommend this book to all those exploring the apocalypse – you won’t be disappointed.

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